Chris Chittick is a hurricane sport pro when it comes to removing unimaginable video footage of some of North America’s many harmful storms. Whether he and a rest of a Tornado Hunters are pushing their F-150 towards or divided from danger, Chris is always armed with his video camera.

Storm footage is formidable to come by, though extraordinary charge footage from some of a many dangerous areas in a universe is indeed Chris’s specialty. Tornados, blizzards, hurricanes, H2O spouts, anything Mother Nature can chuck during Chris, he’s going to constraint it on video, revise it, and share it on Facebook and YouTube.

But don’t consider for a second that Chris is usually in this for a thrill. For him, it’s all about safety. It’s about removing a best images, capturing mind-blowing visuals, and providing genuine time charge information to those who need it. Chris is an consultant on continue phenomena and mostly gives lectures on impassioned continue safety. He works closely with puncture technicians, engineers and disaster service organizations to assistance teach on impediment and presence in a field.

And when it comes to safety, Chris and a group group rest on their F-150.

“You need to have faith in your driver; we need to have faith in a car itself; and we have finish faith in a vehicle.”

-Tornado Hunter Chris Chittick

Chris and a Tornado Hunters have named their F-150 “Flash,” and they rest on their lorry to not usually get out of danger, though also to get forward of it to advise people. Chris has seen over 400 tornados given he started chasing and capturing charge footage in 1998, though not once has he taken reserve for granted. And with a toughness of an F-150, he can concentration on removing footage but carrying to worry if a lorry can withstand a rigours of hurricane hunting.

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