Maximilian Günther claims a initial win of his Formula E career during a Santiago E-Prix.

Munich. Win array dual in foe 3 of this season’s ABB FIA
Formula E Championship for BMW i Andretti Motorsport: In a thrilling
finale, Maximilian Günther (GER) pulled off a final-lap overtaking
stratagem in a #28 BMW iFE.20 to take feat during a Santiago
E-Prix (CHI). The 22-year-old claimed a initial win of his Formula E
career in usually his third foe for a team. In doing so, he also
became a youngest leader ever in a series. The 25 points scored
took BMW i Andretti Motorsport to a tip of a Team standings.
Alexander Sims (GBR) crashed out in Santiago.


In qualifying, Sims struggled with a lane that was still slippery
for organisation one. After 3 stick positions in a row, he was forced to
settle for 15th place on a grid. Günther took ideal advantage of
a improved lane conditions in organisation 3 and progressed to Super
Pole, where second place gave him a start position on a front quarrel of
a grid, a fourth uninterrupted time that a BMW had started from quarrel one.


While Sims found himself inextricable in many extreme battles in the
midfield during a start of a race, and was eventually forced to retire
after creation hit with a pile-up barriers, Günther established
himself easily in a tip three. Towards a finish of a race, he
benefitted from a appetite potency of his BMW iFE.20 and a team’s
glorious strategy. In a enthralling conflict for a lead, he was
means to pass António Félix da Costa (POR) on a final path and
take a checkered dwindle in initial place.


Reactions to a Santiago E-Prix:


Jens Marquardt (BMW Group Motorsport Director):

“That was an unusual performance, both from Maximilian Günther
and everybody in a BMW i Andretti Motorsport team. It is incredible
how maturely and coolly Maximilian gathering in usually his third Formula E
foe for a team. He some-more than deserved a initial Formula E win of
his career and a pretension of ‘youngest Formula E leader ever’. He and
a organisation kept a cold head, quite in a thespian closing
stages, and judged a conditions correctly. We reckoned that António
could have cooling problems, and that is accurately what happened. That
scold estimation authorised Max to lift off a illusory overtaking
stratagem on a final lap. On a whole, we can apparently be
intensely happy with dual wins and dual stick positions in 3 races,
as good as initial place in a Team competition. Alexander Sims had a
tough day today, though he is still right adult there. We now have two
winning drivers in a Drivers’ Championship, and we will go on the
conflict with both of them again during a Mexico City E-Prix.”


Roger Griffiths (Team Principal BMW i Andretti Motorsport,
organisation standings: 1st place):

“When he crossed a finish line, a celebrations in a garage were
deafening. To have won dual races in a quarrel and lead a Team
foe feels damn good. we am gay for Max. After the
beating in Diriyah, where he was subsequently denied second
place after a race, he has finished it this time and claimed his first
win. Together with his foe engineer, he gathering a unequivocally crafty race. By
regulating ATTACK MODE intelligently, he was initial means to pass Pascal
Wehrlein and afterwards pass Mitch Evans with a fantastic manoeuvre.
Towards a finish of a race, we saw that a dual Techeetah cars were
gaining rapidly, though we always knew that we were determining the
conditions good and handling a feverishness of a batteries better.
We were valid right, as we could see with António during a end.”


Alexander Sims (#27 BMW iFE.20, subordinate result: 15th place,
foe result: DNF, points: 35, motorist standings: 2nd place):

“Firstly, we am impossibly gratified for Max and a team. Max had an
glorious qualifying, and he and a organisation did all right in
a race. we had good gait in a use sessions too, though there was
not most we could do in subordinate organisation one. The initial laps of my race
were flattering good. It was standard Formula E racing in a midfield;
hard, though good. we afterwards done slight hit with a wall, though damaged
my automobile so exceedingly that we had to retire from a race. As such, the
outcome is apparently disappointing.”


Maximilian Günther (#28 BMW iFE.20, subordinate result: 2nd
place, foe result: 1st place, points: 25, motorist standings: 4th place):

“Today is a dream come true. we am impossibly happy to take a first
win of my Formula E career here in Santiago. Second place in
subordinate was superb. Having not done a good start on a unwashed side
of a track, that cost me a position, we used ATTACK MODE very
deftly to concede me to take a lead. In a heat, it was also
critical to keep an eye on a feverishness of a batteries. We did
that unequivocally well. On a final lap, António had to seashore a little
progressing than me on a straight. we suspicion to myself ‘now or never’
and went for a overtake. Fortunately, it came off.”


The BMW i Safety Cars.

BMW i is “Official Vehicle Partner” of a ABB FIA Formula E
Championship in Season 6. Spearheading a swift are dual Safety Cars:
The BMW i8 Roadster Safety Car (combined fuel consumption: 2.0 l/100
km; total appetite consumption: 14.5 kWh/100 km; total CO2
emissions: 46 g/km)*, that has been specifically mutated for use during the
racetrack, and a BMW i8 Coupé Safety Car (combined fuel consumption:
1.8 l/100 km; total appetite consumption: 14.0 kWh/100 km; combined
CO2 emissions: 42 g/km)*. The BMW i swift also includes a BMW i3s
(combined fuel consumption: 0.0 l/100 km; total appetite consumption:
14.3 kWh; total CO2 emissions: 0 g/km)* as “Race Director Car” and
a BMW 530e (combined fuel consumption: 2.2-2.1 l/100 km; combined
appetite consumption: 13.6-13.3 kWh/100 km; total CO2 emissions:
49-47 g/km)* in the purpose as “Medical Car”.