MAN publishes rescue guidelines as a valuable aid for accident rescue and training


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“Rescue Guide Bus” now presented as a film

In the film of “Rescue Guide Bus”, MAN explains the particular features of rescue operations with omnibuses for the emergency services.The fire service provides rapid and competent assistance when accidents occur. Their aim is to free occupants from vehicles quickly and safely. MAN supports the rescue services in their endeavours by providing valuable information. MAN has now introduced a film illustrating the different procedures involved in coach and city bus rescue methods. Travelling by bus is certainly the safest means of road transport by far. But specialist knowledge is still required in the event of an accident. How do you turn off a diesel or natural gas engine? How do you gain access to the vehicle? How can the bus be raised in order to free somebody trapped underneath?

The truck and bus rescue guidelines have been designed for training the rescue services. They were compiled by MAN with the professional assistance of experts in the field of accident rescue from the Weber Rescue training team.

The guidelines are based upon the events involved in a rescue operation starting with the initial investigation, fixing the position of the vehicle and turning off the engine. The films also explain how access openings are created and how panes of glass can be safely removed. The use of hydraulic rescue equipment is also explained. 

The MAN bus rescue guidelines look at accident scenarios using the examples of a coach which is still standing, and one which is on its side. In addition, it provides information about different drive technologies such as diesel, natural gas (CNG) and hybrid.

The rescue guidelines for buses and trucks can be downloaded both as a film and as a handbook from the MAN After Sales Portal:

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  • Service documents

Here you can find the following files:

  • Rescue Guide Truck (German and English)
  • Film of Rescue Guide Truck (German)
  • Rescue Guide Bus (German and English)
  • Film of Rescue Guide Bus (German and English)

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