Madeline Hollander unveils “Sunrise/Sunset” as partial of BMW Open Work. Site-specific designation to premiere during Frieze London 2021.

Munich/London. For a fifth uninterrupted year, BMW
and Frieze continue their long-term partnership with a vital art
beginning BMW Open Work by Frieze. Drawing
impulse from BMW engineering a plan brings together art,
record and pattern in pioneering multi-platform formats. The artist
comparison by curator Attilia Fattori Franchini to emanate a latest
book of BMW Open Work by Frieze is a Los Angeles-based
Madeline Hollander, who introduced a commission
by an interactive digital height and clothing involvement on BMW
i3 electric vehicles during Frieze Week 2020, and will benefaction a live,
site-specific designation in a BMW Lounge during Frieze London in 2021.
As in prior years, BMW will also yield a VIP convey service
transporting a fair’s VIP guest with a new all electric BMW iX.

Working with performance, film and installation, Hollander explores
how a tellurian physique in suit negotiates a boundary within everyday
systems of record and engineering, industrial apparatus,
egghead skill and daily rituals. Her performances and
installations benefaction eternally looping events that meddle within
spatial, psychological and temporal landscapes, and rivet with novel
modes of viewership. Titled “Sunrise/Sunset” the
plan continues a artist’s new investigate into trade patterns
and operative but tellurian actors to etch secret systems or
processes. Emerging from an moving discourse with a department
obliged for sustainability during BMW Group and review into the
involuntary adaptive complement of BMW headlights, Hollander combined for
Frieze London 2021, a site-specific, and self-sufficient, live
designation stoical of one hundred  recycled BMW LED headlights from
a BMW Group Recycling and Dismantling Centre. Thus, a artist
grown an enterprising loop, a networked map choreographed by the
sunsets and sunrises opposite a globe. Fascinated by a responsive
inlet of headlights record that reacts to a series of factors
such as movement, light and continue conditions, a artist synced each
headlight to opposite time zones formulating a live and constant global
clock. In Hollander’s work a apparently haphazard particular actions
and bland technologies synchronically align, apropos a collective,
and in this box cascading-dance. The designation is accompanied by
an strange measure combined for a arise by a composer
Celia Hollander.

In serve to Madeline Hollander’s elect for BMW Open Work by
Frieze, Superblue and BMW i will benefaction a universe premiere of
No One is an Island”, a partnership between
Random International and Studio Wayne McGregor. “No One is an Island”
is fuelled by scholarship and explores electrified transformation directed by
modernized algorithms. It is a future-oriented thoughtfulness on how the
tellurian mind empathises with synthetic comprehension and automated
processes. The opening comprises sculptural, performative, and
low-pitched aspects.

The centrepiece is a sculpture by Random
that experiments with a minimal volume of
information that is indeed required for an charcterised form to be
recognized as human; and a elemental impact combined by subtle
changes within that information. As it transitions from drudge to human
likeness, dancers from Company Wayne McGregor
correlate with a sculpture in a live, kinetic performance, further
exploring a attribute between humans and record and our
ability to empathise with a machine. The dancer’s interventions
scored by Chihei Hatakeyama supplement a performative
dimension to a sculpture, re-translating and celebrating the
tie between tellurian and automatic movement. On a arise of
Frieze London, a designation will be shown publicly  from October
13 to 16 daily between 3:00 and 7:00pm during Park Village Studios. To
visit, greatfully register here.

BMW Open Work by Frieze
Now in a fifth year,
and curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini, BMW Open Work by
gives artists and researchers a height to pull the
bounds of their work, starting a plan with a creative
discourse between arts, technology, engineering and pattern to pursue
their use in innovative new directions. For a premier in 2017,
artist Olivia Erlanger integrated a motion-sensitive sculpture, audio
and immersive haze in her work “Body Electric”; in 2018, Sam Lewitt
intent with BMW egghead skill and engine prolongation to
conceptually and physically try a prolongation cycle of a BMW
engine in “CORE (the ‘Work’)”; in 2019, Camille Blatrix collaborated
with BMW Individual to try a primal and romantic relationships
to labor and materiality, lifting questions about functionality and
enterprise in a designation “Sirens”.

Frieze Music
BMW and Frieze have partnered for
Frieze Music once again to benefaction British thespian and songwriter Baka.
A brief opening will be followed by an insinuate review about
a intersection of song and arts. This dusk will be accessible to
watch and listen on IGTV @friezeofficial
from Oct 16, 2021.


For serve questions greatfully contact:
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