Look, Ma, we’re on TV: Science Channel How Do They Do It? goes inside VW’s new Chattanooga Plant

Ever wondered how a Volkswagen Passat comes to life? Well, on June 17th at 8 p.m. EST, you can stop wondering, because Science Channel is going to show you.

Our brand new manufacturing facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee is scheduled to produce 150,000 Passats this year. How are we gonna do it? Watch the June 17th episode of How Do They Do It? to find out. The episode will take an inside look at the unique systems and processes that go into the creation of a 2012 Passat.

The show, which is the first of two episodes that will focus on our Chattanooga plant, will re-air for three weeks on Science Channel, Discovery Channel, HD Theater and Planet Green.

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Tell us, what part of the Chattanooga plant would you like to see?


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