Long-distance ride of a future: IAA premiere of a MAN TGX hybrid concept


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Major intensity for CO2 assets in long-distance ride

Long-distance ride of a future: IAA premiere of a MAN TGX hybrid conceptHybrid drives in blurb vehicles will be partial of a expostulate judgment of a destiny in all areas of application. However, opposite hybrid concepts are compulsory in light of a really opposite expostulate mandate for buses and trucks in city and long-distance ride and in special vehicles: currently a city train uses a sequence diesel-electric hybrid. In a form of a Metropolis investigate vehicle, MAN has built a entirely electrically-operated complicated lorry with a operation extender for tasks in a city. 

With a TGX hybrid, MAN is presenting a judgment car for a TCO-optimised hybrid expostulate in long-distance ride during a IAA. For complicated trucks in long-distance transport, a diesel-electric together hybrid is a right technology. Here a diesel engine is a categorical expostulate source – a hybrid expostulate opens adult a event of recuperating, storing and reusing braking energy. Most highway miles are driven on long-distance routes, definition that a altogether intensity to save CO2 is biggest here among all blurb car hybrid applications.  

The TGX hybrid will be driven by a together hybrid, granted by a diesel engine with 440 hp and an electric engine with 130 kW expostulate power. The electric engine acts as an alternator when coasting and braking. A MAN TipMatic gearbox transfers appetite to a back axle.

The recovered appetite is stored in a battery with a ability of around dual kilowatt hours. The TGX hybrid uses this appetite to boost torque for a diesel engine on gradients. The diesel engine can therefore be driven in a many careful engine speed operation and a additional torque avoids downshifts on hills, thereby saving fuel.

Heinz-Jürgen Löw, Sales Marketing Chair during MAN Truck Bus, explains “MAN is presenting a TGX hybrid judgment during a IAA to uncover a advantages of a hybrid expostulate in long-distance ride for operators and a environment. We are looking brazen to discussions with a general customers.”  

The hybrid judgment in a TGX is designed to optimise a TCO (total cost of ownership). The concentration here is on fuel assets as a outcome of fewer gearshifts and recuperating kinetic appetite when braking and pushing downhill. Tests uncover that this pattern has a intensity to save around 8 percent of fuel, analogous to a CO2 rebate during a same level.

As a electric engine serves usually to support a diesel engine, a complement is gaunt and saves weight, with a hybrid components in a complement weighing around 400 kg. For this reason, MAN has focused a operation of functions on fuel assets alone, as a complement that allows a complicated lorry to transport brief distances regulating electric appetite alone would by contrariety be technologically some-more complex, and a battery would be significantly heavier, incomparable and some-more expensive.