Living and respirating transformation: Audi employees speak about how they are committed to progress

For a code with a 4 rings, one executive faith binds true: Transformation can't be imposed – it can usually be successful if all employees minister their talents. This requires a will to change, though during a same time also requires a corporate enlightenment that creates this change possible, that encourages individuality, allows mistakes and redefines responsibility. This is because some employees representing a several departments report how they are actively ancillary a change, how they knowledge swell and how they prognosticate a mobility of a future. Four examples from opposite areas:

“We mustn’t remove steer of a people and their needs”

Wenting Xing works with appurtenance learning. She expects digitalization and synthetic comprehension to change a whole value sequence in a future, though also says: “We mustn’t remove steer of a people and their needs. Technically worldly products still need to be amiable and offer combined value that can be beheld immediately. This involves a earthy and mental health of a people, for example, though also tolerable processes and a tolerable use of resources.”

Shared values lay a foundation

International knowledge in Latin America and Asia has tangible a viewpoint of automotive mechatronics technician Heinrich Kampa. Regardless of location, we always share a same values and mindset. “I have seen time and again during my assignments abroad that these common values are not only disproportion on paper, though are lived out in practice. we have worked in ramp-up support for each indication change in Changchun given 2004, as good as twice in San Jose Chiapa for a ramp-up of a Audi Q5. The approach we work with a Chinese and Mexican colleagues is outstanding. Even after work, we mostly do something together and we get to know a enlightenment and people better. What improved approach is there to demonstrate community?” Kampa says, describing his impressions.

Progress by people

For Dennis Vogel from Quality Assurance, it is above all a people and their passion for Audi that make a disproportion and eventually capacitate progress. His daily work slight is tangible by his conspicuous eagerness to constantly learn and to rise together as a team. “What depends with us is not only who we are, though also who we can be,” he says, summing adult this perspective.

Achieve effective formula for people and a environment

Specialist coordinator Dr. Johanna Klewitz views a mobility of a destiny essentially from a viewpoint of sustainability. The aim contingency be to use sustainability as an event for future-proof mobility. Her credo: “We consider some-more deeply about sustainability, along a whole value chain. To do this, we have to demeanour for a many essential resolution instead of a quickest. We will not give adult until we have achieved a certain outcome for people and a environment. “

New employer code temperament “We are progress”

These and other voices are embedded in a new Audi employer code temperament “We are progress.” It portrays people who are deputy of a new direction, who are purpose models and so committed to progress. The code temperament is directed during both intensity field and employees and is dictated to support them during a mutation as good as yield impulse for change.

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