Live: Random International and BMW i present: “No One is an Island”. Installation of Random International in partnership with Studio Wayne McGregor for a initial time live on stage.

Munich/London. Superblue and BMW i present
No One is an Island”, a partnership between the
art organisation Random International and choreographer Wayne McGregor and
his company. On a arise of Frieze London, a opening will be
shown publicly from Oct 13 to 16 daily between 3:00 and 7:00pm at
Park Village Studios.

Random International, Studio Wayne McGregor, Superblue and BMW i
share a passion for pulling bounds and exploring new territories.
All are changed by identical questions about how destiny generations will
correlate with programmed and digitised processes and environments
while embracing rebate and sustainability. For this purpose, they
are collaborating on a special project: “No One is an Island”.
Conceptualised as a “Gesamtkunstwerk”, “No One is an Island” is
grown in an ongoing discourse and sell between artists and partners.

“No One is an Island” is fuelled by scholarship and explores electrified
transformation directed by modernized algorithms. It is a future-oriented
thoughtfulness on how a tellurian mind empathises with artificial
comprehension and programmed processes. The opening comprises
sculptural, performative, and low-pitched aspects.

The centrepiece is a sculpture by Random
that experiments with a minimal volume of
information that is indeed required for an charcterised form to be
recognized as human; and a elemental impact combined by subtle
changes within that information. As it transitions from drudge to human
likeness, dancers from Company Wayne McGregor
correlate with a sculpture in a live, kinetic performance, further
exploring a attribute between humans and record and our
ability to empathise with a machine. The dancer’s interventions
scored by Chihei Hatakeyama supplement a performative
dimension to a sculpture, re-translating and celebrating the
tie between tellurian and automatic movement.

A second design by Random International, partial of a “Body/Light”
series, was desirous by Picasso’s light drawings and premiered by Arts
Brookfield, BMW and Superblue during Frieze New York. “Body/Light”
allows visitors in London to emanate their possess lines of light,
capturing transformation and electricity visually. In this way, elements
from a core of BMW i, that stands for sustainable, future-oriented
and forward-looking mobility, are recreated.

“Catalysed by a partnership with BMW i and a partnership with
Studio Wayne McGregor, we have towering a ongoing ‘Fifteen Points’
array of sculptures to a whole new level. Through a serve of
both a measure by Chihei Hatakeyama and dedicated choreography by Wayne
McGregor, we are means to try in many some-more fact a as-of-yet
opposite territories of ’empathy with machines’. The work is partial of a
wider thoughtfulness on a tellurian need to describe to a surroundings; how
does such a need to bond play out in light of an increasing
automation and digitisation of a environment? Will a willingness
to rivet with opposite systems leave us some-more vulnerable? We are much
looking brazen to presenting a work in a array of live
performances in 2021,” says Hannes Koch, one of the
founders and directors of Random International about a collaboration.

“What we find inspiring about a partnership with Random
International, Superblue, BMW i and myself is that we all come
together from opposite trust sets, though assemble in areas of
shared interest,” says Wayne McGregor. “We are all
preoccupied by a intensity of a tellurian body, a attribute with
and to record though many importantly a enterprise to generate
penetrable connectors between people. This is a discourse of
inter-connectedness, exploration, and surprise. We have no
pre-determined highway map – instead, we feed from one another’s
imagination and ideas to pull ourselves towards new horizons.” 

Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst, Co-Founder and CEO of
Superblue says, “Creating new platforms and opportunities for
experiential artists to combine is core to Superblue’s mission, so
we are gay to partner on this plan and artistic dialogue
between Random International, Studio Wayne McGregor, and BMW i. ‘No
One is an Island’ provokes questions about a dynamics between
record and amiability that are vicious to deepening our
bargain of a attribute to a universe and any other.”

“We trust that operative together with good artists like Random
International, represented by Superblue, and Studio Wayne McGregor is
an moving and enriching knowledge for all parties involved.
Speaking of BMW i, a consistent sell with creatives is essential.
And only as BMW i embodies innovation, ‘No One is an Island’
synergises destiny and present, record and humanity,” says
Stefan Ponikva, Vice President BMW Brand Experience.

Public Days:

October 13 to 16, 2021
Daily opening during 3.00pm, 3.30pm,
4.00pm, 4.30pm, 5.30pm, 6.00pm and 6.30pm.

Park Village Studios
1 Park Village E,
London NW1 7PX

To revisit a performance, it’s required to register here.


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