Like many people, Lucas Cochran had never been inside of a hybrid vehicle. But that changed recently when the tech correspondent for Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet hopped into a C-MAX Energi.

Under the guidance of Gil Portalatin, chief program engineer at Ford, Cochran got a lesson on how to drive more efficiently using the plug-in hybrid model of the C-MAX.

There are actually many different factors that affect fuel economy, including environmental and maintenance factors. But there are also a few things you can do as you drive that can help you save on fuel. In this Daily Planet segment, Cochran learned a few practical tips, and also learned about some of the technology that Ford’s electrified vehicles use to help improve overall fuel efficiency.

Among them are the C-MAX’s efficiency leaves, a visual indicator of how driving habits are affecting fuel economy. In addition, regenerative braking technology recaptures kinetic energy and feeds it back to the hybrid’s battery pack to recharge it as you drive. (You can have a lot of fun with this technology, as I did in this post.)

Fun fact: Ford vehicles with regenerative braking are capable of capturing and reusing more than 90 per cent of braking energy that would otherwise be lost.

Cochran also learned how to use the EV button, which allows drivers to select various EV modes to help maximize their fuel economy based on their driving route.

Check out the video above to see what else Cochran learned. What steps do you take to drive more efficiently? Share your tips below.


Check out Ford’s flexible assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan, where the C-MAX Hybrid and Energi models are produced.