Poutine has always worried a passion of Quebeckers. Its start is hidden in a everlasting debate: did poutine issue from Victoriaville or Drummondville?

So when Ford asked us to go on a highway outing to Côte-Nord in an Escape with a fanciful Pamela from Savoir Faire Abroad, a initial desire was to list a biggest spots to have poutine along track 138.

As your clinging Ford blog team, we would gladly walk by a harshest snowstorms, combat bears and return to dial-up for you. So we were some-more than peaceful to make a ultimate scapegoat and eat 7 poutines in 5 days, usually to offer we a tip 5 list of poutine restaurants en track to Côte-Nord. Because, we know, life is too brief to have so-so poutine! Here are a 5 favourite spots.

Cassis Mona Filles

We have to appreciate Pamela for display us this must-try poutine located during l’Île d’Orléans. Known for a crème de cassis and a extraordinary patio view, this place is a not-so-hidden gem of a region. We fell in adore with a steep poutine: a ideal brew of crispy fries, delectable duck, uninformed arugula, cheese curds and a tasty cassis booze sauce. We’re certain that even a pickiest censor will suffer it.

Poutine during Cassis Mona  Filles

Casse-Croûte chez Ginette

Spotted in a pleasing encampment of St. Irénée, a Casse-Croûte chez Ginette is a ideal place to make a food stop before boarding a packet to Tadoussac. Facing a city beach, this little family grill has an implausible perspective of a St. Lawrence River. The accessible and welcoming group served us a best normal poutine of a trip: crisp-to-perfection fries, abounding gravy and uninformed squeaky cheese curds. From now on, it will be a imperative stop when enjoying a good impulse in Charlevoix.

Traditional poutine during Casse-Croûte chez Ginette

Le Petit Régal

When pushing by a encampment of Les Escoumins, we contingency stop during Le Petit Régal (French only) to suffer a Galvaude on a terrace; it’s a poutine movement featuring shredded duck and immature peas. Facing a brook Les Escoumins, you’ll have a pleasing perspective during a dusk with a full moon (if you’re lucky!) and a bright cranky nearby a water. However, if we ask to go outward to eat and your waitress strongly suggests we stay, you’d be correct to mind her advice! You’ll gangling yourself a difficulty of showering in calamine unguent afterwards! #TrueStory


Casse-Croûte du Pêcheur

We couldn’t expostulate along Route 138 though interlude by a many startling nonetheless singular grill of a region: Le Casse-Croûte du Pêcheur (French only). With a enormous lobster enclosure look-alike dining room and a dairy bar staid into a scarcely life-sized lighthouse, this place will be talked about for years to come. We enjoyed carrying a poutine while sitting on a pleasing patio confronting a river. However, a best partial of it was a uninformed crab guédille! Which is not that startling deliberation this grill is right by a Sept-Îles port, that is famous for a uninformed seafood.

The scenic Casse-Croûte du Pêcheur!

Casse-Croûte Sylvie Talbot

When we stopped during Maison de la Chicoutai (French only) located during Rivière-au-Tonnerre (the ideal mark to find a epicurean souvenir), we saw a Casse-Croûte Sylvie Talbot, sitting on a other side of a road. At initial glance, this looks like a unchanging casse-croûte restaurant: normal menu, cruise tables, etc. However, a outrageous preference of poutines and contented staff make it a good place to stop. Of course, a poutine is good, though we fell in adore with a homemade, easily surfaced hamburgers!

Casse-Croûte Sylvie Talbot

When it comes to poutine, everybody has opposite tastes. Which is your favourite poutine? Classic? Galvaude? And where do we eat it when a longing strikes? Let us know by withdrawal your criticism next or on a Facebook page. And don’t forget: wherever your travels take you, simply observant “I’m hungry” to your SYNC complement will lead we to a closest poutine grill nearby you!