Join, check in, get active: Audi is starting Environment Week for 87,000 employees

Audi’s Environment Week is partial of a Volkswagen Group’s goTOzero weeks. The Group-wide debate is dictated to communicate information about a particular brands’ environmental insurance measures and objectives and to support worker networking. Individual contributions are foregrounded. Peter Kössler, Member of a Board of Management for Production and Logistics, says that “environmental preparation is usually as critical as environmental insurance – usually those who know a effects of their actions on a sourroundings can act on a behalf. That’s because we wish to tell people about environmental insurance during Audi. As partial of a Mission:Zero environmental program, we set ourselves a desirous idea of creation all a locations net CO2-neutral by 2025, slicing a H2O expenditure in half by 2035, and implementing beacon projects in apparatus potency and biodiversity. To do that, we need a support of all a employees.” In online lectures, a people obliged for environmental insurance in opposite locations will yield insights into stream and arriving environmental insurance projects in a factories. Audi gastronomy services has devised a special menu for Environment Week, filmed cooking videos, and explained a meridian advantages of informal dishes. The Audi module museum will uncover a special module of environmental films and will make a winning films of a NaturVision Filmfestival accessible for streaming for a week. For a past 4 years, a Audi Environmental Foundation has been a festival believer and enabled it to endowment a esteem for shorts. Audi Group Chief Environmental Officer and Audi Environmental Foundation Director Rüdiger Recknagel says that “environmental insurance is teamwork. More than 100 volunteers have submitted ideas for Environment Week that they wanted to exercise for their colleagues, jointly reinforcing any other in a process. Our design is to make any chairman wakeful of a grant she or he can make to environmental protection, both as an Audi worker and during home as a private person.”

Each Audi plcae is holding on conceptualizing a thesis for a day

Each weekday will have a opposite pointer and will be designed by one of a 5 heading Audi locations worldwide. Audi Brussels will start Environment Week on Monday (July 19) with a concentration on “decarbonization.” The Belgian bureau has been operation as a initial net CO2-neutral* Audi bureau given 2018: it uses immature electricity exclusively and covers a feverishness mandate with biogas certificates. Emissions that sojourn destined are equivalent by meridian insurance projects that were approved by The Gold Standard. Audi Brussels has to equivalent about 5 percent of a emissions that way. On Tuesday (July 20), a Audi plcae in Neckarsulm will be oriented toward a daily thesis of apparatus efficiency. The bureau has instituted countless commander projects with honour to doing resources economically: a Aluminum Closed Loop started there in 2017. Since then, it has been implemented during a Ingolstadt and Győr locations Since that year, a plcae has also tested cosmetic recycling in several projects. On Wednesday (July 21), Audi México will offer a demeanour into a H2O cycle in San José Chiapa, that has been sealed given 2019. Wastewater from prolongation is processed by multistage H2O diagnosis so that it possibly can be redeployed in a bureau as non-potable H2O or is used for irrigation. The bureau can routine about 1,800 cubic meters (63,566 cubic feet) of H2O daily that approach and has already purified about 185,670 cubic meters (6,556,874 cubic feet) of H2O given a complement came online. Moreover, employees during Audi México recently planted 1,250 trees on a bureau drift to support biodiversity preservation. Audi Hungaria will give an overview of biodiversity insurance on a bureau drift on Thursday (July 22). Additionally, a Aluminum Closed Loop has started there on Jul 1: aluminum rubbish combined during prolongation will be selectively collected and brought behind to a supplier, who will furnish new aluminum coils from those bits with a same peculiarity as a originals and afterwards move them behind to Audi. The element thereby goes into circulation. Audi’s Ingolstadt plcae will turn out Environment Week on Friday (July 23) and introduce several possibilities for how employees can turn active themselves underneath a pointer “Sustainable Responsibility.”The Audi Environmental Foundation will benefaction a projects in lectures and tours during a horticulture show. The worldwide module will be finished with “Plogging Friday,” a trash-picking jogging circuit with a choice of pity ideas probably as a group. Anyone who is meddlesome can pointer adult by promulgation an email to [email protected]

* Audi understands net-zero CO2 emissions to meant a conditions in which, after other probable rebate measures have been exhausted, a association offsets a CO issued by Audi’s products or activities and/or a CO emissions that now can't be avoided in a supply chain, manufacturing, and recycling of Audi vehicles by intentional offsetting projects carried out worldwide. In this context, CO emissions generated during a vehicle’s function stage, i.e. from a time it is delivered to a customer, are not taken into account.