JOB&FIT acceptance for MAN

German Nutrition Society awards certificates to MAN Catering. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) has awarded JOBFIT certificates to MAN Catering during both a MAN SE and MAN Truck Bus locations in Munich and Parkstadt Schwabing. Together with Professor Günther Wolfram from a DGE, Martin Neumeyer, Permanent Secretary during a Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry, handed over a central JOBFIT certificates to Jochen Schumm, Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Board member obliged for worker family during MAN SE and MAN Truck Bus, as good as to member of MAN Catering. 

Balanced dishes are an essential requirement for fit and healthy employees. From now on, these can be guaranteed as all employees during a Munich sites can suffer sundry and juicy dishes formed on a “DGE Quality Standards for Company Catering”. An combined advantage is that favoured use is done of uninformed informal products, around 25 percent being of organic origin. As distant as possible, no use is done of products containing additives theme to labeling requirements.  

In a march of a formidable acceptance process, a DGE deliberate a following criteria: 

Food: midday dishes (optimal preference of food and menu requirements), as good as criteria for snacks  

Meal formulation preparation: formulation and credentials of dishes for midday meals, menu structuring  

Environment: ubiquitous conditions in canteens, information for a guests, as good as authorised supplies and worker qualifications  

At a Munich sites, MAN Catering provides dishes for an normal series of 3,500 employees per day in a canteens, as good as 5,100 employees in a self-service shops charity snacks.        

More information on a several forms of quality, a “DGE Quality Standards for Company Catering” and on “JOBFIT – Mit Genuss zum Erfolg (Savor Success)” can be found in a internet during