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Thank you so much, and welcome to the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show. What a thrill it is for me to kick off media days with the opening press conference, and for me to follow my boss Yamanouchi-san’s keynote speech.

Yamanouchi-san referred to Zoom-Zoom earlier this morning as a sort-of rallying cry for our brand, and it is. But nowhere is Zoom-Zoom more obvious than in the cars we build.
Zoom-Zoom isn’t just speed or even fun to drive, it’s more than that. It’s the way you feel in a car, the way the car feels around you.

It’s the level of insight that can be seen in SKYACTIV Technology. It’s how Mazda can bring world-leading environmental technologies to market in a way that no other car company can.
Zoom-Zoom is an attitude, a rallying cry for those who love to drive. We know that not everyone fits in that category, and, honestly, that’s just fine with us. The reality is that a Mazda isn’t for everyone, but it is for anyone who knows the difference between a transportation appliance and a car that is engaging and involving.

This vehicle behind me is the perfect example of that. And I’ll get to it in just a minute.
But first, a few words on how we’re performing in North America, if you’ll bear with me…

We’ve seen our business moving in the right direction – up.
Our sales are up nearly 9 percent.
Our residual values are among the very best in the business – in some cases, like MAZDASPEED3, the best in their class.
We build Mazdas for a psychographic. People who like to drive. Who value quality. Who demand value for money.

Every company in this show is going to tell you they’re after a young buyer, and how they’re marketing and building cars for them. Well, we’re already there. According to Maritz Research, Mazda customers are the youngest new-car buyers in the industry. It’s because of what we build, and how we build them. Style. Dynamics. Value.
And that brings me to what we’re here to talk about today. New vehicles. More specifically, a new Mazda SUV. A vehicle that boldly defines our brand.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the2013 Mazda CX-5. This car incorporates everything that we’re capable of as a company, and proof that we really do follow the road less travelled.

When most manufacturers say their car is all-new, what they mean is that it’s a new design, or that it has a new engine, or maybe even both. But chances are that they’ve carried over something from the previous car – maybe it’s a suspension design that’s been around for a few years, or a transmission that’s been updated, but is essentially a couple of generations old.

However, when I say CX-5 is all new, I mean it. New engine – completely new engine technology. New transmissions – more efficient, smaller, lighter. New chassis – lighter, stronger, better designed to protect occupants. And the obvious part, new design. That’s coupled with either a manual or automatic transmission – yes, a manual transmission. This transmission mixes the best drivability of conventional automatics and dual-clutch systems, as well as being 7 percent more efficient.

CX-5 answers the questions our Mazda3 customers have been asking. They’ve been telling us they want the space, the utility and the higher driving position of a crossover SUV. CX-5 hits right in the heart of the CUV market, and will offer the best fuel economy of any vehicle in its segment, whether in front- or all-wheel drive trim.

Like our advertising campaign says, “we build Mazdas”. CX-5 is our future stake in the ground on cars that are fun to drive, and offer styling that is paid off by that design. You don’t have to settle for second best in dynamics, and you can feel good about your choice, knowing you’re driving the most fuel efficient vehicle in its class.

There’s one person here in the audience who knows full-well about being best in class. He’s a top-level driver in his Mazda RX-8 in the Grand Am GT championship and he does a bit of acting as a day-job.

Ladies and gentlemen, a long-time member of the Mazda family, Patrick Dempsey. Thanks Patrick, it’s great to have you here today.

With that, I’d like to invite Yamanouchi-san and Patrick to join me up here on the stage for a few pictures, and then I’d like to invite all of you to join us up here to take a closer look at the 2013 CX-5. Thank you for your time and attention. Please enjoy a successful and fruitful 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show.

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