Welcome to Blocktober.

Here on the Ford Blog, we’re dedicating this month to professional rally driver Ken Block. If you’ve never heard of him, you’re really missing out. Block, who drives a suped up Ford Fiesta for many of his races, is a master of skill-testing driving events known as Gymkhanas. He was in Toronto recently for a demo at Ontario Place.

Trust me, the things he can do with his car are mind-blowing. Watching some of his videos on YouTube even had me contemplating a career change.

In fact, my team thinks Block may be the best driver ever.

Disagree? Check out the video above and judge for yourself. Titled Gymkhana FIVE, Ultimate Urban Playground, it features Block in a 2012 Ford Fiesta HFHV literally taking over the streets of San Francisco.

We posted the video on our Facebook page to get your thoughts on it. Here’s what readers thought were the best moments from Gymkhana FIVE.

  • The scene where Block drifts between moving trolley cars, which you can see at the 2:27 mark, was well-liked on Facebook. It’s a pretty impressive scene, especially when you see how close his Fiesta came to colliding with one of the cars.
  • Another scene that garnered attention was when Block managed to get his Fiesta airborne and then land sideways, at the 5:34 mark. Watch the slow motion replay and pay attention to his bumper and the pylons! No contact at all.

Have anymore favourite moments from Gymkhana FIVE? Let us know in the comments below.