Introducing BMW’s new code pattern for online and offline communication.

München. After some-more than 20 years, a BMW code has
a new corporate temperament for online and offline communication
purposes. The BMW, BMW i and BMW M communication logos have been
totally reworked, with a new logotype and new pattern principles.
The BMW code now delivers on a expectations and visible impression of
currently and is better-suited to a digital age.

The new pattern is an countenance of a revised code identity, which
places a patron during a centre of all activities. Pared-down and
two-dimensional, it conveys honesty and clarity. The additional
pure chronicle of a trademark is a some-more open invitation than ever
for business to join a universe of BMW. The change reflects BMW’s
transition from centring quite on a automotive universe to being about
record and connections.

The latest demeanour of a BMW code is geared towards a hurdles and
opportunities of digitalisation. The redesigned logotype expresses
honesty and strength of impression to safeguard a contemporary,
future-proof participation both on- and offline.

 “BMW is apropos a attribute brand. The new communication logo
stands for honesty and clarity.” says Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice
President for Customer and Brand BMW. “We wish to use this new
pure chronicle to entice a customers, some-more than ever, to become
partial of a universe of BMW. In addition, a new code pattern is geared
to a hurdles and opportunities of digitalization for brands. With
visible patience and striking flexibility, we are equipping ourselves
for a immeasurable accumulation of hold points in communication during that BMW
will be present, online and offline, in a future. This additional
communication trademark symbolizes a brand’s stress and relevance
for mobility and pushing pleasure in a future.” 

The tellurian launch of a new code pattern starts on 3 Mar 2020. The
transition duration between 3 Mar 2020 and 31 May 2021 will see
rollout continue for all communications, on- and offline, and for
general trade fairs and events. The new trademark is a new media
branding and will be used in further to a existent logo. It won’t
be use on a vehicles or in a extraneous and interior labeling a dealerships.

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