Interview with Sabine Maaßen: “Strategic roadmap offers superintendence during a biggest mutation in the history”

Audi is now undergoing what is substantially a biggest mutation in a company’s history. What are a opportunities and hurdles in transforming a association as large, abounding in tradition, and rarely specialized as Audi?

Sabine Maaßen: Yes, we are indeed in a midst of a largest mutation in a history. After all, it’s not usually about new products, though totally restructuring a whole organization. Our whole sourroundings is changing – a setting of laws and regulations in that we operate, a technologies, a processes, a customers, and their needs. And above all else, this affects a people that work for us. After all, mutation requires new skills and new ways of looking during things. It calls verified structures into question. It renders certain functions that were keys to success for a prolonged time archaic in this form. That’s since we need to give a employees a clarity of confidence as they embark on their personal tour into a operative universe of a future. We are doing this by charting a transparent direction, formulating transparent goals, and evenly aligning a grave structures with a future. Our technological roadmap is clearly centered on e-mobility and digitalization. This gives a company’s employees a good understanding of guidance. In this context, it’s intensely vicious to me that this always happens together. After all, a employees are Audi, they are a many vicious partial of this process. And over that, we have to remember one thing: moulding a mobility of tomorrow to secure a tolerable and bearable destiny is one of a many sparkling tasks of a time. To grasp this, we need to have an opinion that springs from courage, open-mindedness, and determination. And we clarity that a workforce is prepared for it.

How can we emanate this attitude? How do we enthuse courage, open-mindedness, and integrity among a workforce?

Sabine Maaßen: By transforming from a inside out. Our people here during Audi are obliged for tomorrow’s success. We are going to ensue by this mutation together. This summary is vicious for all employees. After all, mutation isn’t a one-time event, though a permanent state. That’s since we have to emanate structures in that a employees can knowledge mutation again and again, constantly. Structures that, on a one hand, yield superintendence and confidence – and, on a other hand, emanate a leisure for particular development. In a universe that is invariably changing during a quick pace, we give any particular during Audi a event to ceaselessly minister and rise their talents, skills, and experience. That’s a mission.

Mr. Kühl, we are one of a heading organizational sociologists in Germany. In your opinion, what are a many vicious conditions that contingency be met in sequence to renovate a company? And what purpose do a organizational structure and enlightenment play in this?

Stefan Kühl: It is precisely a change in grave organizational structures that plays a wilful role. Transformation projects mostly destroy since a classification usually looks during a informative side of things. Companies mostly see this as a available by-pass to organizational change, same to change government in a informative quick lane. They wish that a new values will have a proceed impact on worker control though carrying to pull adult a accurate set of rules. In reality, however, we see that change processes sojourn ineffectual if they leave grave organizational structures and work processes untouched. Because that’s where a genuine precedence lies, in a proceed stating channels demeanour within a organization, for example. Whether a association operates with some-more of a pattern or a organic organizational structure, how prerogative systems or certain control processes are set up.

Ms. Maaßen, how are we implementing a mutation during Audi and in what proceed are we changing a grave organizational structures in Human Resources for this purpose? And what do we wish to grasp as a result?

Sabine Maaßen: The Audi.Future labor-management agreement we entered into with a worker member provides a arguable framework. First and foremost, it includes an practice pledge until 2029. This long-term setting creates a clarity of security, and I’m privately assured that this kind of setting is needed. After all, change can also spell doubt for a individual. Audi.Future is not merely about defence jobs, however. Audi.Future also provides a contracting setting for training and upskilling a workforce. This includes a routine of initial looking internally to see who we can sight for new tasks before we demeanour for specific skills externally. To this end, we’ve earmarked a training and growth bill of half a billion euros between now and 2025. At a same time, we’ve combined wholly new structures in HR and closely aligned a doing of HR’s mutation with a corporate strategy. In this context, we’ve also clever partnership with a dilettante departments. For this purpose, we’ve grown a “target vision” with any business section that specifies accurately what we wish to grasp by a transformation. They uncover a areas in that we are investing, where we are expanding a workforce and imagination accordingly, where tasks are being eliminated, and where new jobs are being created. This means we’re holding a corner proceed in this box as well, not usually between HR and a particular business units, though also in tighten partnership with a worker representatives. This is a enlightenment during Audi, and it is of extensive assistance to us as we combine in new structures – and successfully figure a 3 essential factors of transformation: downsizing, reorganizing, rebuilding.

Mr. Kühl, even when a mutation is followed together, it roughly fundamentally creates dispute and uncertainty. How do we suggest traffic with this?

Stefan Kühl: A routine that everybody is anxious about is not a genuine change process. Resistance, doubts, and questions are always partial of a package. Safeguarding jobs a proceed Audi is doing gives people a ability to stretch themselves from personal worries and fears and demeanour during a routine of change in a totally opposite way. Does a change fit a proceed we wish to work, for example, and make clarity for a organization? Nevertheless, antithesis and questions are vicious sources of information for serve enlightening and optimizing a change process. Resistance, doubts, and questions are therefore not obstacles, though rather element to work with during a change process.

Ms. Maaßen, how can we get any and any worker on board? How are we traffic with conflicts and uncertainties?

Sabine Maaßen: On a one hand, it needs to be probable to speak about conflicts, i.e., to demonstrate and residence them. It’s vicious to find a proceed to work by them though formulating winners and losers. And that’s what we wish to do during Audi in line with a values. Managers play a executive purpose in this process. After all, this mutation also requires them to lead their people by a routine of change.

We are regulating customized programs to enthuse a eagerness to change; subsequent month, for example, a new alighting page for employees and managers will go live. On it, we’ve combined a map of a mutation routine that resembles a transport network. Employees can use it to clearly see where they now stand, what goals they can achieve, and who can support them in their personal transformation. Much in a same proceed that we offer a really special patron knowledge here during Audi, we are formulating a certain mutation knowledge for a employees.

Mr. Kühl, how can we magnitude or conclude either a mutation is successful?

Stefan Kühl: The vicious indicate is a border to that HR measures are joined with other change measures via a organization. How, for example, do reorganizations in a business unit, such as a transition from a pattern to a organic organizational structure or clamp versa, filigree with analogous activities in HR? The engaging thing about Audi is that we can see how this tie is holding place right now. This is since it’s positively essential when it comes to rising a durability change routine during a association and ensuring that it is a success.

Ms. Maaßen, one final doubt for you: How most swell do we consider Audi has done with a mutation so far?

Sabine Maaßen: We are on a right lane and have already done good strides. We have tangible transparent goals. We have clever common belligerent from that to grasp them. And we’ve positioned ourselves structurally so that we can get all of a employees on house as pierce into a digital and electrified world. We are now in a theatre where a concentration is on reorganizing. This will be a concentration over a subsequent few years. And we am positively certain that a reorder will be a success. On a one hand, Audi.Future gives us a required setting for this. On a other hand, we have a transparent rival advantage as a organisation – with opposite brands, a clever global workforce that constantly spurs us on, and a suggestion all of a own. Our people truly welcome their brand, with a pioneering suggestion and a practical attitude. And that is since I’m certain that we’ll continue to be really successful in a future.

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