Infiniti and Red Bull Racing: Korean Grand Prix Friday Practice


, Korea International Circuit, Yeongam, South Jeolla, South Korea

Infiniti and Red Bull Racing: Korean Grand Prix Friday Practice

1st Practice P2, 2nd Practice P3

“It was an interesting day. For Saturday and Sunday the weather forecast is dry, so whatever we learned today might not be worth a lot this weekend, although we can use it for future races when it’s damp or wet. Unfortunately the track didn’t dry out at all today, so we didn’t get a chance to try the slick tyres, so we’ll find out in the race I guess. It’s a tough track for tyres here, even though you have a long straight, there’s hardly any rest after that, so it’s not easy. The car feels okay though and that’s important.”

First Practice Session: Position: 2, Best Time: 2:02.840, Laps: 8, Chassis No. 5
Second Practice Session: Position: 3, Best Time: 1:52.646, Laps: 30, Chassis No. 5

1st Practice P10, 2nd Practice P5

“It was pretty straightforward for everyone today – we drove on one set of tyres, so it wasn’t particularly exciting. We did some work, but it was limited knowing that the rest of the weekend will probably be dry, but we’ll see. McLaren looked very strong in the intermediate conditions and we didn’t get a chance to use the slicks at the end. The track takes a long time to dry out here. The slick tyre is the biggest thing – we need to learn how they are going to behave for us on the different fuel loads, we’d normally do that today but we’ll have to move that to tomorrow morning.“

First Practice Session: Position: 10, Best Time: 2:05.183, Laps: 5, Chassis No. 4
Second Practice Session: Position: 5, Best Time 1:53.049, Laps: 27, Chassis No. 4

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