IMSA: Porsche 911 RSR celebrates successful USA premiere with double podium

The race

After a clever group effort, a two nine-elevens fielded by a Porsche GT Team finished on second and third place. Porsche, that won a manufacturers’ championship in a IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship final year, is now second in a points after Daytona.

From start to finish, a GT racers from Weissach ran like clockwork during their initial 24-hour race. Not a singular technical problem hampered a premiere, during that a dual new 911 RSR took turns during a lead over many of a distance. In a top-class and retaining finish phase, after 786 laps, Porsche was usually several seconds bashful of claiming another feat during a 24-hour classical in a USA after 2014.

The dual Porsche 911 RSR had already incited heads, subordinate on a initial dual grid spots in a GTLM class. In a race, Laurens Vanthoor (Belgium), Earl Bamber (New Zealand) and Mathieu Jaminet (France) followed adult on this tip performance, claiming second place in a No. 912 vehicle, with a No. 911 sister automobile with a motorist contingent Frédéric Makowiecki (France), Nick Tandy (Great Britain) and Matt Campbell (Australia) finishing third. With flawless stints, a ideal devise and quick array stops, both crews set a gait during a front. 

A illusory finale

In a final few hours, things incited thespian on a International Daytona Speedway. In splendid sunshine, spectators were treated to a illusory culmination with overtaking manoeuvres and changes during a front. The 6 Porsche works drivers were rewarded with a double lectern and their group for a successful weekend, creation a superb entrance of a new Porsche 911 RSR perfect. 

The Porsche patron teams also put in a clever opening during a 24 Hours of Daytona. Wright Motorsports with a American drivers Patrick Long, Ryan Hardwick, Anthony Imperato and a Austrian Klaus Bachler done adult many positions in a second half of a race, and managed to finish fourth in a GTD category notwithstanding nutritious slight indemnification to a underbody of their No. 16 Porsche 911 GT3 R. Behind them, Black Swan Racing also put in a energetic follow by a margin to take fifth place with drivers Sven Müller (Germany), Jeroen Bleekemolen (Netherlands), Timothy Pappas (USA) and Trenton Estep (USA) during a circle of a No. 54 entry. The polesitters from a Pfaff Motorsports group gifted bad luck. After heading over a prolonged stretch, a drive-shaft forsake relegated a No. 9 automobile common by Patrick Pilet (France), Dennis Olsen (Norway), Zach Robichon (Canada) and Lars Kern (Germany) distant down a field, with a party eventually final a Daytona 24-hour foe on 13th. 

Double lectern for Porsche GT Team

Comments on a race

Pascal Zurlinden (Director GT Works Motorsport): “That was a ideal entrance for a new Porsche 911 RSR. At a initial foe in a USA – and one over 24 hours – we didn’t knowledge a singular technical problem and finished adult on a lectern with both cars. From a group bid to a devise right by to a work in a pitlane, all ran uniformly and flawlessly. At a subsequent foe in Sebring, we wish to urge a feat from final year.” 

Nick Tandy (Porsche 911 RSR #911): “It’s not mostly that we make it by a 24-hour foe though creation any mistakes. It’s conspicuous and a good start to a deteriorate for a new 911 RSR. Even yet it wasn’t utterly adequate today, we’re all a some-more dynamic to go all-out and stand to a tip step of a lectern again in a future.”

Frédéric Makowiecki (Porsche 911 RSR #911): “It was a purify foe that we can be unapproachable of. The automobile ran good from start to finish. Our array organisation did an overwhelming job. There’s zero to urge on. Our gait was good, too, though in a finish it wasn’t utterly adequate to win.” 

Matt Campbell (Porsche 911 RSR #911): “We pushed tough right from a start, stayed among a frontrunners for 24 hours and led for a prolonged time. To flog off a deteriorate on a lectern with a dual new RSR is a illusory start to a 2020 racing year.”

You can find some-more comments about a foe in a press release.

The race: Interim news 2

At a Daytona 24-hour race, both Porsche 911 RSR ran exquisitely by a night to serve connect their position during a top.In cold temperatures, a Porsche GT Team though destroy done a right tyre choice. Thanks to this, a 6 works drivers were means to take full advantage of a opening intensity of a 2019-generation GT racer, that is formed on a high-performance 911 GT3 RS road-legal sports car. 

From a unequivocally start of a race, a Porsche 911 RSR regularly took a lead and set a gait in a GTLM class. Until a early morning hours, a No. 912 automobile common by Laurens Vanthoor (Belgium), Earl Bamber (New Zealand) and Mathieu Jaminet (France) substituted places during a front with a No. 911 sister automobile driven by a contingent Frédéric Makowiecki (France), Nick Tandy (Great Britain) and Matt Campbell (Australia). Since both Porsche 911 RSR vehicles have already switched out a brakes – distinct many of their rivals – with about 5 hours of racing to go, a conditions looks good for Porsche to explain a initial win given 2014. 

In a GTD-class, a Porsche patron group Wright Motorsports with a American drivers Patrick Long, Ryan Hardwick, Anthony Imperato and Klaus Bachler (Austria) managed to make adult many positions during a night with a No. 16 GT racer and is now within distinguished widen of a top. The No. 54 Porsche 911 GT3 R of Black Swan Racing fell behind after receiving a drive-through penalty, though is now creation a approach adult a field. Bad fitness strike a Pfaff Motorsports squad. After holding off from stick position, Patrick Pilet (France), Dennis Olsen (Norway), Zach Robichon (Canada) and Lars Kern (Germany) dominated a foe in a GTD-class foe over prolonged stretches in their No. 9 vehicle. A damaged expostulate missile threw a group distant down a order, robbing them of all chances of victory. 

The race: Interim news 1

At a 24 Hours of Daytona, a dual Porsche 911 RSR have staid in during a front after dual hours.The No. 911 automobile common by pole-sitter Nick Tandy (Great Britain), a Frenchman Frédéric Makowiecki and Matt Campbell (Australia) underscores a glorious subordinate opening and sets a gait in a GTLM class. The No. 912 nine-eleven driven by Laurens Vanthoor (Belgium), Mathieu Jaminet (France) and Earl Bamber (New Zealand) took adult a foe from position dual on a grid and now follows tighten on a fender of a sister automobile in second place.

The Porsche patron group Pfaff Motorsports also got off to a ideal start. The Porsche 911 GT3 R (#9) with a motorist party Patrick Pilet (France), Dennis Olsen (Norway), Zach Robichon (Canada) and Lars Kern (Germany) had taken adult a continuation classical from position one and is now a GTD-class pacesetter. While a 911 fielded by Wright Motorsports is sitting during a behind of a midfield, a Black Swan Racing squad’s Porsche GT3 R has done adult several places. The No. 54 GT racer missed out on subordinate due to correct work and started from a final grid spot. 

The No. 912 and No. 911 Porsche 911 RSR


The new Porsche 911 RSR has done an considerable North American entrance in subordinate for a 24-hour foe during Daytona by claiming positions one and dual on a grid. During a 15-minute event on a Daytona International Speedway, Nick Tandy in a No. 911 automobile and Laurens Vanthoor in a No. 912 sister automobile fought a exhilarated duel for a fastest path time. Nick Tandy (Great Britain) and Belgium’s Laurens Vanthoor tapped a full intensity of a 2019-generation GT racer, that is formed on a high-performance 911 GT3 RS road-legal sports car, and substituted places during a tip of a time sheets. In a end, Tandy snatched stick position with a time of 1:42.207 mins forward of Vanthoor, so violence his possess GTLM-class subordinate record, that he set during Daytona in 2019.

Porsche GT Team: Frederic Makowiecki, Nick Tandy, Matt Campbell (l-r)

In a GTD class, stick position also went to Porsche. Zach Robichon incited a fastest path in his 911 GT3 R (#9) with a time of 1:45.237 minutes. Not usually did a Canadian grasp stick position for his Pfaff Motorsports group with this result, he also set a fastest time ever in a GTD-class subordinate during Daytona. Driving for Wright Motorsports, Ryan Hardwick (USA) resolved a subordinate event on tenth. The No. 54 Porsche 911 GT3 R fielded by Black Swan Racing was incompetent to take partial in a subordinate due to repairs after an collision in giveaway practice. The automobile will take adult a foe on Saturday from a final grid spot.

Qualifying quotes

Pascal Zurlinden (Director GT Factory Motorsport): “We couldn’t have asked for a improved subordinate result. Both of a vehicles are on a front grid quarrel of a GTLM class. At a North American premiere, a new Porsche 911 RSR has underlined a good opening intensity that we’ve already seen in a FIA WEC. The teams and drivers done ideal use of this intensity and achieved flawlessly. In a GTD class, a patron group starts from stick position, as well. It was here during final year’s Daytona foe that a new Porsche 911 GT3 R distinguished a premiere. We’re prepared to tackle a 24-hour classic.”

Nick Tandy (Porsche 911 RSR #911): “What a dream start into a IMSA deteriorate with a new Porsche 911 RSR. Positions one and dual – a ideal subordinate outcome for a team. Still, a points have to be won in a foe and we still have to work tough towards this. We haven’t won a GTLM category given 2014. We wish to change that on Sunday.”

Laurens Vanthoor (Porsche 911 RSR #912): “The duel we had with Nick was tighten and tough. we don’t like to lose, though Nick was somewhat improved today. Still, there’s no reason to complain. Both 911 RSR on a front quarrel and a automobile was implausible to drive.”

Zach Robichon (Porsche 911 GT3 R #9): “The automobile was unequivocally clever in qualifying. Despite not carrying a lot of hold in a giveaway use sessions, we didn’t change anything and simply devoted a setup we’d tested during a Roar. The devise worked. The automobile already felt good in a out lap, and we knew that it competence work. I’m unequivocally proud, and I’m gratified for Porsche and a group to have claimed stick position here during Daytona. Although a foe is prolonged and a lot can happen, things demeanour unequivocally good.”

Qualifying result

GTLM class
1. Tandy/Makowiecki/Campbell (GB/F/AUS), Porsche 911 RSR, 1:42.207 minutes
2. Vanthoor/Bamber/Jaminet (B/NZ/F), Porsche 911 RSR, + 0.049 seconds
3. Garcia/Taylor/Catsburg (E/USA/NL), Corvette C8.R, + 0.338 seconds
4. Gavin/Milner/Fässler (GB/USA/CH), Corvette C8.R, + 0.594 seconds
5. De Phillippi/Eng/Spengler/Herta (USA/A/CDN/USA), BMW M8 GTE, + 0.734 seconds

GTD class
1. Olsen/Robichon/Kern/Pilet (N/CDN/D/F), Porsche 911 GT3 R, 1:45.237 minutes
2. MacNeil/Vilander/Westphal/Balzan (USA/FIN/USA/I), Ferrari 488 GT3, + 0.476 seconds
3. Parente/Goikhberg/Hindman/Allmendinger (P/RUS/USA/USA), Acura NSX GT3, + 0.600 seconds
10. Hardwick/Long/Imperato/Bachler (USA/USA/USA/A) Porsche 911 GT3 R, + 1.248 seconds


At a season-opening turn of a IMSA SportsCar Championship, a new Porsche 911 RSR lines adult on a grid for a initial time in North America to tackle a 24 Hours of Daytona (25/26 January). In Florida, dual 2019-generation GT racers will be fielded in a GTLM class. The new GT flagship from Weissach has already done a unequivocally successful debut, securing dual one-two formula and 3 stick positions from 4 races. At a initial confront with a foe in North America during a IMSA tests, dubbed a “Roar before a 24”, in early January, a new Porsche 911 RSR incited a fastest laps mixed times. At Daytona, Porsche heads into a 2020 deteriorate in North America as a pretension defender of a manufacturers’, drivers’ and group classifications. The manufacturer is good represented in a GTD category with 3 Porsche 911 GT3 R.

The 24-hour foe on a Daytona International Speedway in Florida has been contested each year given 1966. The 5.73-kilometre-long high-speed racetrack is a multiple of fast, banked turns and tight, twisty infield passages. The continuation classical is a normal deteriorate opener of a IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and is a turn of a North American Endurance Cup (NAEC).

The Porsche GT Team drivers

Nick Tandy (Great Britain) and Frédéric Makowiecki (France) share a cockpit of a No. 911 Porsche 911 RSR for a IMSA SportsCar Championship. The dual accept support for a 24-hour foe in Florida from Matt Campbell (Australia). The 24-year-old finished his training as a veteran racer during Porsche and now contests his initial deteriorate as a Porsche works driver. Sharing pushing duties in a matching GT racer with a starting array 912 are Earl Bamber (New Zealand) and Laurens Vanthoor (Belgium), a pretension defenders in a drivers’ classification. Frenchman Mathieu Jaminet, who came third during Daytona final year as a Porsche Young Professional, will strengthen a group during a long-distance classical – also as a newly-signed works driver.

The Porsche GT Team drivers

The patron teams

Pfaff Motorsports competes with drivers Dennis Olsen (Norway) and Zach Robichon (Canada) in a No. 9 Porsche 911 GT3 R. In 2019, a successful twin scored a lass GTD-class win for Pfaff Motorsports in a IMSA SportsCar Championship during Lime Rock. Porsche growth motorist Lars Kern (Germany) and Porsche works motorist Patrick Pilet (France) turn off a line-up, with Pilet contesting a GTD category for a initial time. Porsche works motorist Patrick Long (USA) joins army with his compatriots Ryan Hardwick and Anthony Imperato during a circle of Wright Motorsports’ No.16 Porsche 911 GT3 R. Porsche dilettante Klaus Bachler (Austria) supports a group as a fourth driver. The No. 54 Porsche 911 GT3 R campaigned by Black Swan Racing tackles a season-opener of a IMSA SportsCar Championship during Daytona with Porsche works motorist Sven Müller (Germany), Jeroen Bleekemolen (Netherlands) and a dual Americans Timothy Pappas and Trenton Estep.

Porsche successes during Daytona

Porsche is by distant a many successful manufacturer during Daytona. The Stuttgart automobile manufacturer has notched adult 18 altogether wins as a constructor and 4 some-more as an engine partner. The considerable lane record also includes 78 category victories. With 5 altogether victories and one category win, a American racing fable Hurley Haywood is a Porsche motorist with a many titles.

New partner

The Porsche GT Team receives subsidy for a 2020 deteriorate for a initial time from a new group partner TAG Heuer. The partnership with a Swiss oppulance watchmaker will run for several years. Both manufacturers can demeanour behind on many corner successes in engine racing. One superb prominence for Porsche is a “TAG-Turbo done by Porsche”, an engine that powered Formula 1 cars in a 1980s and won dual constructor universe championships in 1984 and 1985 as good as 3 drivers’ universe championship titles from 1984 to 1986. TAG Heuer has been a pretension and timing partner of a TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E group given 2019.

This is a IMSA SportsCar Championship

The IMSA SportsCar Championship was founded in a USA and Canada in 2013 after a partnership of a American Le Mans Series and a Grand-Am Series. A year after a new sports automobile foe series, that is organized by a International Motor Sports Association (IMSA), was contested for a initial time. Sports prototypes and sports cars start in 4 opposite classes: GTLM (GT Le Mans), GTD (GT Daytona), Dpi (Daytona Prototype international) and LMP2 (Le Mans Prototype 2). The new Porsche 911 RSR is fielded in a GTLM class, and a Porsche 911 GT3 R contests a GTD class. The Porsche GT Team tackles a 2020 deteriorate in North America as a pretension defenders in a manufacturers’, drivers’ and group classifications.

The Porsche 911 RSR

The new Porsche 911 RSR (2019 indication year) celebrates a entrance in a IMSA SportsCar Championship during Daytona. The automobile from Weissach, that produces around 515 hp depending on a atmosphere restrictor, is formed on a high-performance 911 GT3 RS road-going sports car. Compared to a intensely successful prototype model, a automobile perceived improvements, many particularly to areas such as driveability, efficiency, ergonomics and serviceability. About 95 percent of all components are new. The 911 RSR is powered by a 4.2-litre, six-cylinder fighter engine.