Improved ergonomics for Audi’s WEC drivers

The operation of tasks is growing: The Audi drivers not usually have to compensate a same courtesy to safety, speed and pointing on lane as before, though now have to get an accurate hoop on potency as well. The limit expenditure per path specified by a regulations requires pinnacle fortify to equivocate penalties. To make optimal thoroughness easier, a drivers’ work in a cockpit should engage as small bid as possible.  

“Long before a 2014 season, we took an in-depth demeanour during how we could support a drivers even better,” says Dr. Martin Mühlmeier, Head of Technology during Audi Sport. “The outcome is a cockpit in that we many altered all – from a pedals by to a functions on a steering circle and on a dashboard. Additionally, a seating position has been altered according to a regulations.”

The innovations start in a feet well. The drivers no longer work a purchase regulating a feet pedal though by means of paddles behind a steering wheel. “This is a element I’m already informed with from other competition automobile categories that creates it easier to work a clutch,” says Audi bureau motorist Lucas di Grassi describing a advantages.

The pattern of a controls between a dashboard and a steering circle has altered as well. “Our pattern was for a motorist to be means to strech all a functions he frequently uses as simply as probable though carrying to take his hands off a wheel,” explains Chris Reinke, Head of LMP during Audi Sport. One of a new facilities is a multi-functional rotary switch for selecting tasks that used to be achieved by regulating several controls. Two push-buttons make it probable for a motorist to simply change particular functions to adjust a car’s balance, for instance by traction control or stop force distribution. As change changes when a fuel bucket decreases, a motorist can fast regulate a set-up of his competition automobile this way.

Another ergonomic effect formula from a regulations for 2014. They allot a change in cockpit measure and a opposite seating position that significantly advantages a driver. While he used to distortion comparatively prosaic in a monocoque before, his top physique is now in a some-more honest position. “This enlarges a brazen angle of vision,” says a gratified Lucas di Grassi. “And prophesy by a side windows has quite softened as well. This clearly helps us in a on-track battles with a rivals.”

So a new Audi R18 e-tron quattro is not usually a quite fit competition automobile though ergonomically higher to a predecessors as well. “The new ergonomics assistance a drivers combine on a optimal path even softened than before,” says Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich. “In total, this enhances their opening ability and adds to active safety.”

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