“I like it”: Fans to determine the line-up for the next Audi special exhibition

The potential line-up includes rarities from the AUDI AG collection of historic vehicles that have seldom or indeed never been on public display. The oldest automobile is an Audi Front Roadster that caused a sensation at the 1935 International Motor Show in Berlin. The most recent models date from 2010 and 2011: “Lifestyle”, “Pickerljäger”, “Hot Rod” and “Wasserwacht” are all A1 concept cars designed especially for the Wörthersee Meet. Also from 2011 is a Q3 that took part in the “Trans China Tour”.

An Audi Q7 styled by Brazilian neo pop artist Romero Britto is on the list, as is an extremely rare DKW Meisterklasse Universal, Type F 89, which has a wooden body at door level and above. The priceless collection also includes the Audi research car, the R8 Spyder featured in the blockbuster movie “Iron Man 2” and the NSU autonova GT, a concept sports car built in 1965.

Thomas Frank, Head of Audi Tradition, is palpably excited: “This campaign gives Audi fans the chance to interact with us. Not only that; they will decide which vehicles will actually go on display in the Audi museum mobile. We are eager to see which cars they choose.” The top eleven will be on show in the Audi museum mobile from April 4 to May 24, 2013.