“I can still win opposite a world’s best”

Angelique, after your successes in a past few months, what are your feelings going into a off-season?

Angelique Kerber: “I’m feeling good and am flattering confident. I’ve usually had an impossibly good second half to a year. we won in Bad Homburg, was in a Wimbledon and Cincinnati semifinals and also played good during a US Open. At a Billie Jean King Cup in Prague, we also kick a grand impact leader again. we also know we can still win opposite a world’s best.”

All this after a deteriorate began inauspiciously after being quarantined before a Australian Open. How did we get over it?

Kerber: “Locked adult for dual weeks in a hotel room is unbelievably tough. Afterwards, it took me months to lapse to a form a good pre-season preparations had got me into. Being quarantined cost me a few tournaments. All a nicer for me therefore that we incited things around in a second half of a deteriorate and was means to perform during my best again.”

Porsche Brand Ambassador Angelique Kerber in Cincinnati

What done a considerable quip possible?

Kerber: “The pivotal was unequivocally a lapse of a fans and a certainty we had in myself and my potential. It was something we also never mislaid in a formidable times. Fighting behind after being down is somehow a partial of my career. we had lots of calm in myself and always believed we could attain once again. Having a feeling of being means to kick tip players and be in a brew for a vital titles was intensely critical for me.”

Did we ever have any doubts?

Kerber: “As an athlete, one always somehow has doubts. It’s a partial of things. But a pretence is to pull certain appetite and remotivate oneself to do one’s goals.”

What was a branch point?

Kerber: “For certain a contest in Bad Homburg. we had been looking brazen to a weed justice deteriorate a whole time. When we afterwards won a Bad Homburg Open, to foot in front of a home throng with a goose-bump feeling, unequivocally was a liberating feeling. My semifinal in Wimbledon afterwards valid we was behind to where we had wanted to be before a start of a season.

Angelique Kerber in Bad Homburg

In Bad Homburg, we were not usually a actor though also one of a organisers. What kind of knowledge was it for you?

Kerber: “It was all really sparkling and concurrently a totally new experience. For me, it was amazingly engaging to see what happens behind a scenes during such a contest and also to chip in with my use as a player. With Porsche, we also had a long-term partner of cave subsidy us. It done many things a bit easier and it contributed to a success of a tournament. The feedback from all a stakeholders was really certain and I’m already looking brazen to subsequent year.”

You’re behind in a Top 10 after a prolonged time. Where should your tour take we in 2022?

Kerber: “I’m not somebody that keeps looking during a universe rankings. They’re no longer so critical for me. The categorical thing is that we play well, have my heart in all and afterwards all else comes automatically. we wish to be in a brew for a titles during large tournaments. That’s my motivation.”

Your manager Torben Beltz will leave a organisation forward of a 2022 season. After such a good second half to a season, what are your targets going into a subsequent proviso of your career and what new impulses are we anticipating for?

Kerber: “I can demeanour behind really on a past season. we invested lots of strength and appetite to get to where we am now. For me, a subsequent step when starting a deteriorate in Australia will be all about stability where we left off. After Torben’s depart from a team, it also means that we would like to take on some-more responsibility. I’m really beholden for a time together and for all we gifted and achieved as a team. It’s a new proviso of my career that I’m about to enter now, given I’m advantageous to contend that a rest of my organisation stays unchanged. In all a years, I’ve learnt how critical it can be to have new impulses after a certain volume of time for one to continue competing during a tip level.”

Angelique Kerber in Wimbledon

After so many years during a top, what gives we a proclivity and strength of mind to continue to use tough and work on your game?

Kerber: “My passion for tennis. we adore a sport, a feeling of station on a justice and winning. The emotions give me certainty in my opening and a honour of other players. Most of them know they have to play their best tennis to kick me. I’ve worked tough in a past 6 months to recover that respect. I’ll be doing all so that it stays that way.”

What certain impressions have we returned home with from a Billie Jean King Cup?

Kerber: “I naturally hoped I’d strech a semifinals with Porsche Team Germany. Having pronounced that, a win opposite Barbora Krejcikova, a French Open winner, was hard-fought and illusory acknowledgment of my good form in a past months. Additionally, a newcomers to a large tennis theatre both put on a good show. Jule Niemeier and Nastasja Schunk, who are both still upheld in a Porsche Talent Team, will have unequivocally taken divided lots of positives from a week. It creates me really assured when it comes to Germany’s juniors. Jule and Nasti go to a organisation of immature players that have a intensity of competing during a top. One however can’t design it to occur tomorrow. But they are both on a right track.”

Porsche in Tennis

Porsche has been sponsoring a Porsche Tennis Grand Prix ever given 1978 and has also been a organiser given 2002. In a final opinion to take place, a contest in Stuttgart’s Porsche Arena was selected by a players as their favourite eventuality in a category. Within a range of a tellurian partnership with a Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), Porsche is also a pretension partner of a “Porsche Race to a WTA Finals”, a central subordinate ranking for a WTA Finals. The Stuttgart-based sports automobile manufacturer is also a disdainful automotive partner of a WTA, a season-ending WTA Finals and of this year’s WTA tournaments in Lyon (France), St. Petersburg (Russia), Berlin and Bad Homburg (Germany), Cincinnati (USA), Linz (Austria) and a dual events in Cluj (Romania). As a reward partner of a “Deutsche Tennis Bund” (DTB – German Tennis Association), a association supports Porsche Team Germany in a Billie Jean King Cup (formerly a Fed Cup) and fosters up-and-coming players in a Porsche Talent Team and a Porsche Junior Team. Angelique Kerber, Julia Görges and Maria Sharapova give Porsche a face in tennis as Brand Ambassadors.