FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Oct. 10, 2014 – Hyundai Motor Company’s code value continues to climb, reaching a new high as a 40th many valued tellurian code on Interbrand’s 15th annual 100 Best Global Brands Report. This year Hyundai’s code value rose to $10.4 billion, a 16 percent increase. Since 2005, Hyundai has usually augmenting a position on Interbrand’s list and now sits seventh among a tip 14 automakers.

“We’re implementing a far-reaching accumulation of brand-related activities that aren’t simply focused on augmenting sales, though are directed during apropos a code that a business honestly love,” pronounced Won Hong Cho, Hyundai Motor’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We will continue to deposit in a brand, by providing Hyundai Motor’s singular reward knowledge in all aspects of a customer’s tour with a brand.”

In further to a company’s concentration on delivering high-value vehicles that offer a latest record and reserve facilities during a rival cost point, Hyundai also has aligned itself with some of a world’s heading events like a 2014 FIFA World Cup and World Rally Championships.

“Hyundai is one of a fastest flourishing automotive brands, in terms of both volume and code value. At a heart of Hyundai’s expansion is a plan to compute and boost aptitude by formulating customized products,” Interbrand pronounced in a statement. “Hyundai’s singular preference features, from exhilarated steering wheels and blind mark showing to line depart warnings and intelligent journey control, are now accessible opposite a broader operation of vehicles to raise a pushing knowledge and patron satisfaction.”

Automotive brands have a clever participation on this year’s list creation adult a total code value of $211.9 billion. According to Interbrand, a total concentration on energy-efficient products and integrated record is assisting heading automobile brands expostulate code faithfulness and value.

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