• 300.000 units per annum
      • 60 units per hour (one new vehicle leaves the production line every minute)
      • 1.300 vehicles can be produced per day
    • Of the 20 hours taken to produce each vehicle, 13 hours are spent in the paint shop to ensure optimal quality
    • Models, and production mix (full-year 2012)
      • New Generation i30 family (five-door, three-door and wagon) – 42%
      • New ix35 – 42%
      • ix20 – 16%
    • Transmissions: capacity of 600.000 units per annum
    • 279 robots used in the plant

    Spotlight on HMMC

    The HMMC facility is a zero-emission factory and during construction in 2007, over 1.100 trees and bushes were removed and replanted around the area surrounding the plant.

    A closed-system paint shop is in operation, featuring the latest air-cleaning technology and all Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are combusted and the air produced then cooled before being vented – ensuring no VOCs or heat is emitted from the factory. The use of three main on-site suppliers, featuring an automatic just-in sequence, means that 200 trucks are saved per day.

    The HMMC facility also features a 3,3 km open test track on the factory ground ensuring every vehicle is tested for dynamic properties (engine performance, handling, gear shifting, brake performance etc.), noise and functions (hill assistant, PKB, washers, wipers etc.) along with a full under body check for fluid leakage and assembly conditions.

    Initially producing 114.000 units in 2009, the HMMC facility has continued to grow each year, and with the inclusion of third shift in 2011 allowing the facility to run around the clock Monday to Friday, 300.000 units are produced per annum.

    Ensuring a positive presence in the local area, HMMC have focussed on cooperation with technical apprentice schools, technical secondary schools and the Technical University Ostrava, which sees them provide pre-production cars and transmissions for use as teaching aides, as well as providing advisors, visiting schools and organising site tours.

    Key milestones and achievements

    2005 – Groundbreaking ceremony

    2008 – Original i30 becomes first model to enter full-scale production at HMMC, just 19 months after ground was first broken

    2009 – Official opening ceremony

    2011 – Third shift added on production line, increasing vehicle capacity to 300.000 units

    5-day working week begins, allowing every worker to enjoy full weekends

    ‘Excellence Award’ in Czech National Award for Quality, beating all other manufacturers in a country which produces over 1 million vehicles annually

    2012 – New Generation i30 enters production (January)

    Production of New Generation i30 wagon begins (June)

    2013 – HMMC builds 1.000.000th vehicle (New Generation i30)

    Czech Republic’s Automotive Industry Association (AIA) wins ‘Company of the Year’ award for the third time

    HMMC awarded ‘Employer of the Year 2012′

    Manufacturing output

    2008 – 15.500

    2009 – 116.000

    2010 – 200.000

    2011 – 251.000

    2012 – 300.000