Hyundai Motor Announces Open Innovation Partnership with Brown University to Enhance Future Mobility

11/19/2018, Seoul

  • Hyundai Motor selects Brown University as a initial educational partner for a Visionary Challenge
  • The thought of a plea is to learn new ideas and rise open creation for a tellurian scale partnership

SEOUL, Nov. 19
, 2018 – Hyundai Motor Company has announced a partnership with Brown University, coinciding with a launch of a ‘Hyundai Visionary Challenge’, that is partial of a open creation roadmap to lead a destiny mobility marketplace and secure associated capabilities in different industries.

Hyundai has partnered with Brown University to concentration on building destiny mobility solutions, that cover biologically desirous mobility, human-machine partnerships, and digital phenotyping. These plan serve positions Hyundai as a personality of a fourth Industrial Revolution with disruptive creation that utilizes veteran believe in different fields, while drumming partners with judicious and artistic ideas.

The 2018 Hyundai Visionary Challenge is Hyundai’s new open creation plan that intends to rise active partnerships within untapped fields, thereby finding new artistic and innovative ideas that will assist a growth of modernized destiny mobility technology.

80 people from 17 teams including professors, undergraduates and connoisseur students participated in this year’s Visionary Challenge. Four winners were announced during a 3rd Mobility Innovator’s Forum, that took place in Silicon Valley on 16th November. Along with a money esteem they accept a event to control corner industry-academic investigate with Hyundai, regulating a winning ideas as a substructure to rise an suitable startup business.

The 4 winners of a plea include: Robust Bat-inspired Aerial Robotics by Alberto Bortoni et al; Pedestrians to Pilots by Brittany Baxter et al; Improving Man-Machine Partnership Using Mixed Reality Social Feedback, David Whitney et al; and Biometrics-based Feedback for Increasing Rider Trust, Aarit Ahuja et al.

Hyundai skeleton to supplement and raise partnerships in future, while diversifying investigate assignments for a Hyundai Visionary Challenge to duty as a singular open creation platform. It sets a plan to use a plan as a starting indicate for mutual investigate and team-work with tellurian partners. With this, a association expects to secure new ideas by partnerships for destiny technology, raise a tellurian apparatus network for believe exchange, emanate a tolerable online and mobile-based thought platform, and raise a brand’s picture in a tellurian market.

Last year July, Hyundai Motor determined a tellurian consortium MOU between a Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) and a Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), in an bid to expostulate serve creation in destiny mobility.


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