Hyundai Integrates Home, Health and Mobility with New Technology during CES 2018

01/08/2018, Las Vegas

  • Next-generation FCEV NEXO creates tellurian entrance during CES 2018
  • NEXO advances unconstrained pushing in an eco-friendly vehicle
  • Hyundai to offer 18 eco-friendly models by 2025
  • Fuel cell-powered home applications prominence a ‘Hydrogen Life Vision’
  • AI-enhanced ‘Intelligent Personal Cockpit’ checks motorist vitals
  • Hyundai announces critical partnership with Aurora for unconstrained driving
  • Hyundai to pierce Level 4 unconstrained car to marketplace by 2021

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2018 – Hyundai Motor will prominence new record concepts during CES 2018, all focused on joining destiny record with elaborating mobility solutions, and share a latest achievements to allege a destiny mobility prophesy – clean, connected and leisure in mobility – announced a year ago.

Under a thesis of “Connected to Future Mobility”, Hyundai presented a next-generation fuel-cell electric vehicle, a prophesy for hydrogen-powered life and an synthetic intelligence-based personal cockpit judgment during a press discussion hold on Jan. 8 in Las Vegas.

Hyundai Motor Company suggested a name of a newest fuel-cell SUV, a NEXO, and introduced a apartment of advancements in unconstrained pushing capabilities all finished in an eco-friendly powertrain as a covenant to perform a ”Clean Mobility“ prophesy announced final year during a CES. 

In addition, Hyundai showcased a “Hydrogen Life Vision” featuring home applications for hydrogen energy that pierce tolerable travel advancements into even some-more bland uses.

Hyundai also denounced a judgment for how destiny vehicles will be tranquil around a “Intelligent personal Cockpit” that voice-enables probably each command. The judgment showcases how a cockpit serves as a personal partner and even checks a driver’s critical signs so a car can take movement if a motorist is stressed.

“While it’s formidable for a singular association to envision how all these latest changes might impact a destiny of a industry, we all know that technological hurdles and innovations are a everlasting routine that will continue until we comprehend a mobile multitude of limit convenience, 0 accidents and no emissions,” Dr. Woong-chul Yang, Vice Chairman and a conduct of RD, pronounced during a press conference.

As partial of efforts to comprehend a prophesy of ‘Freedom in Mobility’, Hyundai currently announced a critical partnership with Aurora Innovation, a eminent autonomous-driving startup, to pierce Level 4 unconstrained pushing Hyundai vehicles to marketplace by 2021. The dual parties have concluded to start their commander tests with a newest fuel-cell SUV, NEXO.

All of Hyundai’s latest advancements can be gifted during counter 6329 in a North Hall of a Las Vegas Convention Center Jan. 9-12, 2018.