DI Technology at the Center of Hyundai’s Fuel Efficiency Leadership Strategy

COSTA MESA, Calif., May 11, 2012 – Recognizing Hyundai for its industry-leading Direct Injection (DI) technology, theNew England Motor Press Association (NEMPA), in conjunction with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), honored Hyundai with this year’s Yankee Cup Technology Award, presented at their annual awards dinner in Cambridge, Mass. DI technology simultaneously improves fuel efficiency and lowers emissions and has played a key role in Hyundai becoming America’s most fuel efficient car company.

“With gas prices on the rise, it’s heartening to see a manufacturer like Hyundai developing technologies that address the very real concerns of American households, without losing sight of the idea that a car should still be fun to own and operate,” said Craig Fitzgerald, former president of NEMPA. “Technology like Hyundai’s DI system is providing Hyundai owners with fuel efficiency rivaling that of hybrids, without the additional expense.”

For the second year, NEMPA’s annual Yankee Cup award was chosen by a panel of MIT professors and NEMPA members during a blind vote. The panel assessed a variety of entries and chose the submission they thought best represented the utilization of advanced technology. To be considered, the technology had to be new and available for purchase for the 2011 model year. Last year, Volvo was awarded the Yankee Cup for the unique safety enhancements available through the Technology Package on the 2011 S60 and other models.

“As a member of the MIT community that was involved in coordinating the selection process, I am very happy to see that Hyundai’s implementation of a fuel economy improving technology has earned them this year’s Yankee Technology Cup,” said Bryan Reimer, a Research Scientist in the MIT AgeLab and Associate Director of the New England University Transportation Center.

Previously a premium/luxury feature, Hyundai took the bold step of bringing DI technology to nearly its entire fleet of vehicles from the sub-compact Accent all the way to its premium-luxury flagship Equus. In fact, Hyundai’s DI technology is available on seven models in its lineup, including the all-new 2013 Veloster Turbo/2012 Veloster, 2013 Genesis Coupe (3.8L V6), 2012 Equus, 2012 Genesis 5.0 R-Spec/2012 Genesis (3.8L V6), 2012 Azera, 2012 Sonata/2012 Sonata 2.0T and 2012 Accent. Accent and Sonata were also the first vehicles in their segment to adopt DI technology as standard equipment in a naturally aspirated powertrain. DI is a technology still not found on any vehicles in Toyota or Honda’s lineup.

“Hyundai, America’s most fuel efficient car company, is proud of its leadership in bringing DI engine technology to the market in such a big way and is committed to making further improvements in the fuel efficiency of high-sales-volume, gasoline-powered vehicles,” said Scott Margason, director, Product Planning, Hyundai Motor America.

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