Digital Campaign Reinterprets Ad and Offers a Dual-Screen Social Experience by Inviting Viewers to Assemble Their Own Team in a Virtual Seven-Passenger Santa Fe

COSTA MESA, Calif., Jan. 30, 2013 – As game day approaches, Hyundai is lifting the veil on its 30-second in-game commercial running in the first quarter. “Team” is a unique twist on a classic ‘tables turned’ tale; we follow a young boy as he recruits his own dream team to take on the neighborhood troublemakers. The all-new seven-passenger Santa Fe takes an active role helping the young boy and his mom gather a team to step up to the challenge. View the spot here:

To further engage fans, Hyundai is launching a mobile social experience that serves as a digital companion to “Team” and taps the power of Facebook’s friend network. Inspired by the all-new seven-passenger Hyundai Santa Fe, “Find Your 7” allows consumers to assemble their Super Bowl dream team online, assigning some of their best Facebook friends to each seat in a virtual Santa Fe. Each seat corresponds to a unique character archetype, mimicking groups of friends in the real world. By participating, users will be entered into a drawing to win seven tickets to the 2014 Super Bowl. Starting today, consumers can visit and login with Facebook profile to the “Find Your 7” program.

“We had fun with ‘Team’ as it allowed us to highlight the seven seats in the all-new Santa Fe in a unique and memorable way,” said Steve Shannon, vice president, Marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “Taking this concept digitally only made sense as we recognize that Super Bowl viewers are no longer tethered to their TV during the game, but instead sharing and staying connected via mobile phone, tablet and other digital devices. By harnessing the power of Facebook, ‘Find Your 7’ creates an entertaining dual-screen experience that allows consumers to create their own dream team and have fun with friends across social media sites during the Big Game.”

“We were inspired to create a mobile ‘first’ for the Super Bowl,” said Tom Pettus, VP/Creative Director at INNOCEAN USA. “‘Find Your 7’ is a social experience designed specifically for mobile that intelligently drafts a ‘Dream Team’ of seven Facebook friends, based on the theme of the Super Bowl spot, ‘Team.’ What makes this experience magical, beyond winning a trip to next year’s Super Bowl, is that the program selects a team of your friends, who could be sitting watching The Big Game right next you.”

“Find Your 7” pre-populates the vehicle for the user based on intelligence gathered from a user’s connections on Facebook, including frequency of friend interactions, likes, etc. Unlike similar applications in the past where selections were made at random, this program determines candidates that are a true fit for each archetype. After people lock in their friend configuration and create a team name, a custom video introduces their dream team, assigning each of the seven teammates to their character archetypes: the muscle, the brains, the prankster, the motivational speaker, the technician and the loose cannon. The video, designed with the look and feel of an action movie trailer, dynamically incorporates elements such as the friends’ names, profile pictures, hometowns and interests to create a custom experience for each person that can be shared on all social channels.

“The Find Your 7 digital experience that INNOCEAN built for Hyundai is unique in that it was designed for mobile first,” said Bill Stephenson, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook. “This is exactly how Facebook develops products as more and more digital content is consumed on the mobile device and the mobile experience will be particularly important given this launches during the Super Bowl. Also, the team at INNOCEAN and Hyundai spent an inordinate amount of time with the Facebook team thinking through the user experience and answering two questions that we use as a litmus test for branded experiences on Facebook – why would I care and why would I share?”

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