Hyundai and a Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Connect Art and Technology In 3D: Double Vision Exhibition

07/11/2018, Fountain Valley, CA

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Jul 11, 2018 – As a partial of The Hyundai Project: Art + Technology, 3D: Double Vision, presented by Hyundai, will make a entrance during a Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) today. It is a initial American muster to consult a full operation of artworks, dating from 1838 to a present, that furnish a apparition of 3 dimensions. The muster is open from Jul 15, 2018 – Mar 31, 2019.

“3D: Double Vision has been an ongoing plan given a really commencement of Hyundai and LACMA’s partnership in 2015. The muster will entice a assembly to snippet how record and scholarship has been unbarred within a story of art, and also, how art has been progressed by a focus of technology,” pronounced Wonhong Cho, Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai Motor. “It provides a really engaging and during a same time scholarly proceed to examination a origin of 3D record by art and mass culture.”

3D: Double Vision invites a assembly to disintegrate a complexities of prophesy and perception. Throughout story artists have experimented with theories of prophesy and notice to represent, distill, and reinvent objects and a emotions they engender,” pronounced Michael Govan, LACMA CEO and Wallis Annenberg Director. “This muster underscores LACMA’s longstanding joining to exploring art and record in a museum’s exhibitions and programming. 3D: Double Vision brings together a realms of art, science, mass culture, and entertainment, and is a microcosm of Los Angeles itself.”

“At Hyundai Motor, we share LACMA’s prophesy for origination as we trust a routine of automobile origination is a joining of art and technology,” pronounced Jim Trainor, director, Communications, Hyundai Motor America, who spoke during a exhibit’s media preview eventuality today. “This partnership aims to inspire artists to invent enthralling art and concepts by destiny technology, as good as build romantic connectors with people around a globe.”

3D: Double Vision

Featuring artifacts of mass enlightenment alongside ancestral and contemporary art, 3D: Double Vision addresses a inlet of perception, a allure of illusionism, and a attribute to concomitant technologies and apparatuses. The visual element underlying all 3D media is binocular vision—the routine by that a smarts harmonize a information perceived by a dual eyes into a single, volumetric image. More than 60 artworks featured in a muster activate this routine by means of mirrors, lenses, filters, or movement—requiring active appearance on a partial of spectators to finish a illusion. For some-more information on a LACMA muster visit:

The Hyundai Project: Art + Technology

The Hyundai Project: Art + Technology is a decade-long partnership—the longest and largest programmatic joining from a corporate unite in LACMA’s history. Alongside a array of exhibitions exploring a joining of art and technology, another partial of a partnership, a Art + Technology LAB develops artist projects that rivet rising scholarship and record in partnership with innovators in private industry. The lab provides grants, in-kind support, and comforts during a museum to support new projects that take eloquent risks and encourage origination and partnership opposite disciplines. Hyundai’s support encompasses acquisitions, exhibitions, and publications by 2024.


Since a pregnancy in 1965, a Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has been clinging to collecting works of art that camber both story and geography, mirroring Los Angeles’s abounding informative birthright and singly different population. Today LACMA is a largest art museum in a western United States, with a collection of over 135,000 objects that irradiate 6,000 years of art story from new and astonishing points of view. A museum of general status as good as a critical informative core for Southern California, LACMA shares a immeasurable collection with a Greater Los Angeles County and over by exhibitions, open programs, and investigate comforts that attract over 1.5 million visitors annually, in further to portion millions some-more by village partnerships, propagandize overdo programs, and artistic digital initiatives. LACMA’s categorical campus is located median between a sea and downtown, adjacent to a La Brea Tar Pits and Museum and a destiny home of a Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Dedicated to portion all of Los Angeles, LACMA collaborates with a operation of curators, educators, and artists on exhibitions and programs during several sites via a County. Location: 5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90036.