Honda Automobiles: Honda Demonstrates New "Smart Intersection" Technology that Enables Vehicles to Virtually See Through and Around Buildings

  • Honda partners with City of Marysville, Ohio in real-world environment
  • Roughly 20% of a scarcely 35,000 trade deaths that start any year in a U.S. start during intersections

Honda currently hold a proof of a “Smart Intersection” record for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication designed to revoke trade collisions during alley intersections, one of a initial such deployments of V2X record in a real-world setting.

Developed in partnership with a City of Marysville as partial of a 33 Smart Mobility Corridor project, a commander plan seeks to residence a stipulations of on-board car sensors in addressing trade collisions during alley intersections. Intersection collisions comment for roughly 40 percent of all collisions and 20 percent of a scarcely 35,000 traffic-related deaths that start in a U.S. any year.

The “Smart Intersection” technology, utilizing Honda’s exclusive intent approval program in and with intersection-mounted cameras and V2X communications, allows cars to probably see by and around buildings and walls in probably all continue conditions to assistance brand and warning drivers to differently dark hazards.

“Honda believes that V2X record is an essential member of a smarter and safer travel ecosystem and can play a purpose in a dream for a zero-collision society,” pronounced Ted Klaus, clamp boss of vital investigate during Honda RD Americas, Inc. “By partnering with a City of Marysville and a State of Ohio, we trust this investigate will give us a improved bargain of how V2X technologies can be offer modernized and many effectively deployed for a advantage of all highway users.”

“Research underway in Marysville and along a U.S. 33 Smart Mobility Corridor binds good guarantee in advancing world-changing travel technologies and is a 21st century chronicle of Huffman Prairie where a Wright Brothers done their early aviation discoveries,” pronounced Governor John R. Kasich. “With a assistance of clever public- and private-sector partners, and a unmatched Transportation Research Center, Ohio is aggressively operative to say a care purpose for building vehicles and intelligent technologies of a future.”

How Does a “Smart Intersection” Work?

Four cameras mounted above a trade lights during any dilemma of a intersection constraint bird’s-eye-view video of surrounding vehicles and walking trade out to a 300-foot range. Honda’s exclusive picture estimate program afterwards creates a 360-degree picture of a intersection that classifies vehicles and other relocating objects, such as pedestrians, motorcycles and puncture vehicles, and broadcasts impending information to surrounding vehicles around a dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) signal.

Each connected vehicle’s on-board mechanism decodes a information and, when necessary, provides both manifest and heard alerts to a driver, cleverly ancillary them to take visual movement to equivocate a intensity collision.

Honda has committed to regulating 200 connected vehicles for analysis in a 33 Smart Mobility Corridor and Smart Columbus projects.

“The City of Marysville is elegant of a abounding story with Honda of America and we are committed to a partnership with them to support their growth and contrast of unconstrained and connected vehicles,” pronounced Marysville Mayor J.R. Rausch. “We are unapproachable they chose Marysville to muster this Smart Intersection record here.”

Honda’s Vision for a Zero Collision Society

Honda’s office of a zero-collision multitude includes modernized technologies such as a Honda Sensing® and AcuraWatchTM suites of modernized driver-assistive reserve technologies, that offer as both a perceptual and technological overpass to a highly-automated vehicles of a future. Already, some-more than 1 million Honda and Acura vehicles on a highway currently are versed with these systems. These technologies can significantly revoke a odds or astringency of a collision and also offer as a overpass to rarely programmed vehicles of a future. Honda is targeting 2020 for a deployment of vehicles with rarely programmed highway pushing capability and 2025 for a technological feat of SAE Level 4 programmed vehicles for personal use.

Honda RD Americas, Inc.

Operating 14 comforts in a United States, Honda RD Americas, Inc. (HRA) was incorporated in 1984 after commencement operations in California in 1975. HRA is obliged for formulating modernized products and technologies that yield new value to Honda and Acura customers. HRA conducts all phases of product growth in a U.S., from marketplace and record investigate and styling by engineering pattern to antecedent phony and testing, internal tools buying and support for mass prolongation preparation.

With vital comforts in California, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida, HRA is intent in a growth and contrast of Honda and Acura automobiles, Honda energy sports and energy apparatus products, and is also personification a lead purpose in a growth of leading-edge safety, motorist assistive and environmental technologies. Learn some-more during


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