Honda Automobiles: Honda Accord and CR-V are America’s Most Popular Car and SUV with Retail Car Buyers in First Half of 2014; and Honda CR-V Captures a Title of Best-Selling SUV of a Past Decade

  • Retail automobile buyers select Accord some-more than any other automobile in America1
  • CR-V builds on 10 years as a many popular, best-selling SUV in America2
  • Accord, Civic, CR-V and Odyssey any post segment-leading sell formula during a median symbol of 20141

With a Accord and CR-V attracting sell business in record numbers in a initial half of 2014, Honda is again heading a attention with a many renouned automobile and SUV in America, according to a Honda research of new-vehicle sell registration information from IHS Automotive. Based on Honda forecasts, a Accord and CR-V are on lane to repeat their 2013 full-year formula as tip picks with U.S. sell automobile and SUV buyers, while CR-V continues to reason a pretension as a best-selling SUV in America for some-more than a decade.

Accord is once again a many renouned automobile in America, with industry-leading sales to particular U.S. automobile buyers for a initial half of 2014, while CR-V is both a sell and undisguised best-selling SUV formed on sell registrations by Jun 2014, a position it’s reason for 7 of a past 10 years, culminating in a tip sales of any SUV in America during a past decade. Joining a Accord and CR-V as sell leaders in their segments for a initial half of 2014 are a Honda Civic and Odyssey minivan.

Moreover, any of Honda’s 4 segment-leading models is on aim to repeat a sell care opening from 2013, notwithstanding a fact that Honda has a lowest altogether inducement spending among a tip 7 automakers. Three of a 4 models – Accord, Civic and CR-V – are any on lane to acquire sales in additional of 300,000 units for a second uninterrupted year, with swift sales in a low singular digits, as Honda targets all-time record sales in 2014.

“More particular business put a new Honda Accord in their drive in a initial half of this year than any other new automobile in America, and SUV buyers continue to select CR-V some-more than any other SUV in America,” pronounced Jeff Conrad, comparison clamp boss and ubiquitous manager of a Honda Division. “While competitors rest on deep-discounts and sales to corporate and let fleets, Honda continues to grasp solid and tolerable expansion formed on a peculiarity and value of a products in a hands of particular customers.”

Honda code highlights for a initial half of 2014 include:

  • Excluding full-size pickups, a Accord, Civic and CR-V continue to reason 3 of a tip 5 slots – first, third and fourth, respectively – in sell registrations among particular automobile buyers in a initial half of 2014.
  • The Accord, with sell registrations totaling 181,939 units by June, has strengthened a lead over a nearest aspirant in a past 3 months, compared to a initial 3 months of 2014.
  • Retail registrations accounted for 98.2 percent3 of all Accord registrations for a period, according to Honda research of IHS Automotive new-vehicle registration data.
  • Civic sell registrations of 160,293 units led all compress cars, augmenting a lead over a closest shred competitor, that is now some-more than 26,000 units, compared to accumulative totals in a initial entertain of 2014.
  • CR-V is America’s undisguised best-selling SUV of this year, and of a past decade. On a sell basis, CR-V registrations rose 6.6 percent to 153,968 units compared to a initial half of final year, giving CR-V a some-more than 27,000-unit lead over a #2 offered automobile in a shred so distant in 2014.
  • Odyssey sell registrations of 62,096 units continue to make it a tip choice among sell minivan business –at 32 percent sell shred share. As a result, Odyssey sales have comprised scarcely 1 of each 3 minivans purchased by particular buyers in America in 2014.

About Honda
Honda offers a full line of reliable, fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive automobiles for American automobile buyers by approximately 1,000 eccentric U.S. Honda dealers. The Honda lineup includes a Accord, Crosstour, Civic, Fit, CR-Z and Insight along with a Pilot, and CR-V sport-utility vehicles and a Odyssey minivan.

Honda has a tip code fuel economy4 and a longest-lasting cars5 of any mainstream automotive code in America, and some-more models achieving an IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating than any other automotive nameplate.

Honda has been producing automobiles in America for some-more than 30 years and now operates 16 vital production comforts in North America. In 2013, some-more than 94 percent of all Honda vehicles sole in U.S. were done in North America, regulating domestic and globally sourced parts.

1 Based on IHS Automotive, Polk U.S. new automobile registration information for 2013 and Jan-Jun 2014 in a Honda tiny car, mid-size car, compress newcomer van, and mini SUV segment.

2 CR-V Total Sales Numbers for Best-Selling SUV of a Decade from Automotive News Data Center

3 Based on IHS Automotive, Polk U.S. new sell vs sum registrations for 2013 and Jan-Jun 2014 in a Honda  mid-size automobile segment.

4 Based on indication year 2012 fuel economy information from a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and a report: “Light-Duty Automotive Technology, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, and Fuel Economy Trends: 1975 Through 2013.”

5 Longevity formed on IHS Automotive: Polk U.S. vehicles in operation vs new automobile registrations for 1988-2013 for Honda and competing non-luxury brands.

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