Honda Automobiles: 2018 Honda Odyssey Press Kit

NOTE: Information in this request is preliminary, theme to change though notice, and dictated for media use–not for consumers. For final information, revisit


The Honda Odyssey is good famous and rarely regarded for a wrapping efficiency, versatility, functionality and comfort. The fifth-generation 2018 Odyssey builds on that bequest with innovative pattern and engineering that elevates interior usability and style, while fluctuating a indication of smart, connected technology.

As we would expect, a Odyssey’s atmospheric interior can absolutely accommodate adult to 8 passengers, and offers versatile seating coherence that lets owners quick reconfigure a interior to fit usually about any mission. Ingenious new accessible Magic Slide™ second-row seats any adjust aside to any of 5 opposite positions – in serve to shifting front and abaft – so anticipating a ideal blueprint for kids and automobile seats is discerning and easy. Third-row seating entrance has been softened as well.

Technology has modernized radically in a new Odyssey, with intelligent new instrument displays and an accessible all-new, faster, some-more absolute and discerning Display Audio complement that puts a far-reaching operation of apps and facilities during your fingertips. An all-new accessible Rear Entertainment System (RES) can play Blu-ray™ discs and streaming calm around new in-vehicle 4G LTE or around a user’s possess smartphone and information devise (operating as a hotspot).

Additional innovative and family-friendly accessible technologies embody a HondaVac® (which is now customary in both Touring and Elite trims) and new CabinTalk™ in-vehicle open residence system, CabinWatch™ day-or-night camera system, and new smartphone-based CabinControl™ app with Social Playlist. These new facilities and technologies mix to make a new Odyssey some-more connected and able during gratifying any family member’s information and party needs than ever before.

New Available Interior Features

  • Magic Slide 2nd-row seats* ^
  • Multi-function core console*
  • Wireless phone charging*
  • Shift-by-wire rigging selector*
  • 7-inch Thin Film Transistor (TFT) instrument display*
  • Walk Away Door Lock*
  • CabinTalk™ in-car PA system* ^
  • CabinWatch™ behind chair guard camera* ^
  • CabinControl™ phone interface system* ^
  • HondaLink and HondaLink App
  • HondaLink Assist*
  • New 8-inch touchscreen Display Audio complement with Android handling system*
  • New-generation “2.0” SiriusXM® Radio*
  • Apple CarPlay*
  • Android Auto*
  • Siri Eyes Free*
  • 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot* ^
  • Next era Blu-ray™/DVD/CD Rear Entertainment System (RES)* ^
  • “Smart TV” form calm streaming to RES* ^
  • Wireless streaming from Android inclination to RES* ^
  • HondaVac (now accessible on Touring and Elite)

* First for Odyssey
^ First for Honda

Interior Package

The new Odyssey interior takes Honda’s family-friendly minivan to a new turn with a atmospheric reward demeanour featuring lean, clever and estimable styling touches, and high-quality, soft-touch materials practical liberally throughout. The Odyssey offers larger amenities than ever before, with best-in-class discerning record and sedan-like comfort and quality.

The instrument quarrel is highlighted by a distinguished new high-contrast Thin Film Transistor (TFT) instrument arrangement in all grades, and a vast 8-inch Display Audio touchscreen (EX category and above). Fit, finish and materials have perceived tighten attention, and soothing leather seating is customary on EX-L and aloft trims, with seperated leather front seating in a Odyssey Elite. Piano black interior accents and LED accent lighting serve heed a Elite.

Interior Packaging Concept
The Odyssey interior wrapping aims to yield a inexhaustible space for both people and load with 3 rows of adult-sized seating comfort. For 2018, seating measure and newcomer volume are mostly unchanged, and a Odyssey maintains a best-in-class low step-in height. Length of a load space behind a third quarrel of seating has increasing by 50 mm, for larger loading versatility. The second and third quarrel ceiling’s atmosphere conditioning opening ductwork has been repositioned underneath a building by a doorway pillars to conveniently located outlets. The new blueprint creates a newcomer cabin with a some-more open, ethereal feel.

Note per interior volumes: During growth of a 2018 Odyssey, Honda adopted revised methodology for measuring interior volume that is some-more unchanging with a patron experience. Although a selection tables prove poignant differences between a prior indication and a 2018 in some areas—in sold an apparent detriment of 10 cu. ft. sum newcomer volume—the vehicles are in fact many closer (within about 4 cu. ft.) when a revised dimensions process is used for both vehicles. 

2017 Odyssey vs. 2018 Odyssey Interior Dimensions

(See a Specifications and Features territory for all data.)

Interior Colors
The Odyssey’s interior palette is worldly and concurrent and is offering in Mocha, Gray or Beige colors – fabric in a LX and EX, leather in a EX-L, EX-L NR and Touring, and seperated leather (first quarrel only) in a Elite.

(See a Exterior territory for some-more information and tone chart.)


Front-Row Seating
The twin front bucket-style captain’s chairs are designed to offer understanding comfort sum with secure parallel support during cornering. Rounded seatback shoulders assistance yield a feeling of cabin spaciousness. The seats use stuffing tuned for float comfort and siege from highway quivering and underline in-board fold-down armrests. Odyssey LX and EX models underline soothing spill-resistant fabric upholstery. EX-L models and above have anti-soil leather seating surfaces. In a Elite indication with ventilated front seats, a front leather seating surfaces are perforated. Non-perforated second- and third-row seating surfaces were comparison for easier cleaning and reduced bent to trap mud and crumbs.

The Odyssey LX driver’s chair provides understanding 8-way energy assist. The newcomer chair on all Odyssey models now offers 4-way energy adjustment. Odyssey EX and above driver’s chair adds a 4-way energy tractable lumbar support along with chair heaters with low, middle and high settings. Odyssey EX-L and above trims supplement leather seating surfaces, and a 2-position memory underline for a driver’s chair settings and side mirrors that can be stored in a span of user profiles – one for any of a twin pivotal fobs that come customary with a Odyssey.

Second-Row Seating
Honda engineers designed a new Odyssey to be easy-to-use in people’s bland lives and in a ways that people use minivans on a daily basis, in sold a use of child seats. Experience in conceptualizing and building prior generations of Odyssey and endless investigate of how business use their minivans guided any aspect of a new Odyssey design, nothing some-more so than a accessible new Magic Slide™ second-row seating system.

All EX trim and aloft 2018 Odysseys underline a new Magic Slide™ second-row seating with twin full-size captain’s chairs, any with a span of padded fold-down armrests. The seats slip front and abaft and recline, and underline integrated seatbelts. If a Odyssey needs to be converted for limit load capacity, a captain’s chairs are removable though tools

Odyssey EX and above models are also versed with a gentle and versatile removable core seat, that allows a Odyssey room to accommodate 7 or 8 passengers. The core seatback can overlay down to emanate a vast core armrest with 3 libation holders and a tray, or it can be private wholly to concede for limit coherence in a positioning of a outboard seats.  

The pivotal to a Magic Slide™ second quarrel seats is a ability of any outboard chair to adjust aside to any of 5 positions positioned during intervals of 3.2 inches (82 mm), with a sum parallel transport of 12.9 inches (328 mm). This means that when a core second-row chair is removed, a captain’s chairs can be quick positioned to fit a needs of a passengers. The slip recover resource is a large, easy to use hoop located low on a outboard side of a chair base.  

Use modes include:

  • Easy Access mode – with a core chair removed, a outboard seats slip aside by 5 selectable positions, permitting for easy entrance to a third quarrel even with one or twin rear-facing child seats commissioned in a second row. And with a center-most chair slid forward, a child is put within easy strech of a front chair occupants.
  • Super mode – like Easy Access mode though with a driver’s side chair set to walk-in position (slid full brazen with a seatback tilted) for limit entrance to a third row.
  • Wide mode – with a core chair private and twin outboard seats in their outdoor many positions, providing a far-reaching core walkthrough to a third quarrel (and no some-more “Dad, he’s touching me again!”).
  • Buddy mode – with a core chair private and twin outboard seats adjoining one another in a core of a vehicle, putting twin people in tighten vicinity and within easier strech of a front chair occupants.       

Third-Row Seating
With a finish redesign, a Odyssey now has best-in-class prominence for third quarrel passengers, with a largest manifest area brazen of a third-row occupant’s eye point. The window’s bottom corner relations to a eye indicate is also a lowest in a class. Both factors minister to a partially open feel in a Odyssey’s third quarrel of seating. The third quarrel seating is ample and accommodating, with recumbent seatbacks and tractable headrests for larger comfort.

The Honda third quarrel Magic Seat® set a customary for third-row functionality in a minivan world. Honda introduced a judgment of third-row fold-down seating to a attention with a 1995 Odyssey and has softened on it ever since. The third quarrel facilities a 60/40 separate and offers tip levels of preference for operation interjection to a one-motion operation that creates entrance to a load area elementary and fast.
The 60/40 Split 3rd-Row Magic Seat can be folded down into a vast recess in a load building by pulling a singular tag on any side, formulating a flat-floor load area. The complement is spring-loaded and a headrests can sojourn in a seats. The hinges for a chair are designed to distortion flat, creation it easier to smoke-stack equipment like plywood panels.


Multi-Function Center Console
The Odyssey interior offers a operation of accessible storage facilities for a motorist and passengers and is engineered to offer extensive coherence and utility. On top, a Odyssey’s new core console has a smartphone tray and 4 cupholders. On a Elite trim, a tray includes a wireless horse pad that can keep concordant inclination charged though a need for disorderly cables. Two accessible 2.5A USB assign ports and an HDMI tie are located on a behind of a console for second quarrel newcomer use.

The console’s categorical storage cell is surfaced by a new groove-less shifting tambour doorway that mostly disappears from perspective when opened, instead of removing in a approach as a hinged lid might. When closed, it creates a large, firm and prosaic aspect on that items, like a purse, can be placed. A ample tray directly in front of a console can also accommodate a purse. Inside is a shifting smartphone tray, along with USB and auxiliary jacks. Eliminating a grooves routinely found in a customary tambour doorway minimizes a accumulation of mud and crumbs on a aspect and eases cleaning.

On EX-L N/R and above trims, a shifting media drawer during a bottom of a console opens toward a front, divulgence estimable room for DVDs and other items. 

Side Doors
To urge entrance to a second and third rows of seating, a twin side shifting doors open over than ever before. In EX models and above, a side doors are energy operated.

New program proof creates a operation of a energy doors some-more intuitive. If a doorway is given mixed commands to open in a brief time (for instance to motorist pulling a “Open” symbol on a instrument quarrel within 0.5 second of someone pulling on a outdoor doorway handle), a doorway will open. In a prior era Odyssey, a doorway would stop operation and an warning beep would sound in a same situation.

Cargo Versatility
For 2018, a Odyssey’s behind tailgate opening has some-more “squared off” corners, creation it easier to scheme massive load into a opening than with a some-more dull corners of a prior era Odyssey. The One-Motion 60/40 Split 3rd-Row Magic Seat® allows a Odyssey to quick and simply adjust between newcomer and load duties.

The 3rd-Row Magic Seat can accommodate adult to 3 passengers and still yield 38.6 cubic-feet of load volume behind a seats, or overlay totally prosaic into a building to emanate 91.0 cubic-feet of load volume while still progressing room for 5 passengers (four passengers on LX). With a second-row seats removed, sum load volume expands to 155.8 cubic-feet. The load building can accommodate twin ¾-inch thick 4 ft. by 8 ft. sheets of plywood with a behind tailgate closed, or additional sheets with a tailgate left ajar.

­­­­Instrumentation and Controls

Control Layout
All critical systems and controls in a Odyssey are positioned within easy strech of a driver. Controls for a systems used many frequently – audio, journey control, Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, accessible navigation complement with voice approval and Multi-Information Display – are conveniently positioned on a steering wheel. A earthy volume doorknob is usually to a right of a steering wheel, adjacent to a core display. The categorical orchestration is an easy-to-read, high-contrast, 7-inch TFT display. Typical of Honda interior design, a soft-touch switchgear of a Odyssey is engineered to broach a high-quality feel and certain action.

Steering Wheel
The Odyssey’s new steering circle design, leather-wrapped on EX-L and above trims, incorporates a many ordinarily used controls, permitting a motorist to keep their hands on a circle and their eyes on a road. In all trims, a steering circle offers primer lean and telescopic adjustment. A new era of Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, audio complement and Multi-Information Display (MID) controls are located on a left side of a steering wheel. The serve of dedicated new “Home” and “Back” buttons simplifies a navigation of several menus and functions. Cruise control switches are on a right side, and trims with Honda Sensing® have LKAS and ACC controls located on a right side of a steering circle as well. Within fingertip strech are a span of paddle shifters that concede for primer operation of a 9-speed (LX, EX, EX-L and EX-L NR) or 10-speed delivery (Touring and Elite). A exhilarated steering circle is customary in a Odyssey Elite.

Transmission Controls
For a initial time, in all 2018 Odyssey models, a required console-mounted change pull is transposed with a entirely electronic, shift-by-wire rigging selector. Park, Neutral, Drive and Sequential are comparison with a pull of a button. See a Powertrain territory for some-more information.

All Odysseys advantage from all new orchestration comprised of a colorful 7-inch Thin Film Transistor (TFT) arrangement that offers an stretched operation of informational content. In serve to normal automobile functions, a TFT orchestration has customizable facilities and can arrangement phone and audio information, turn-by-turn track superintendence (when versed with navigation) a compass (also with navigation) and many more.

The sign package gradually illuminates to give a motorist a welcoming feel on entry. When a doorway is initial opened, a instrument lighting illuminates and afterwards brightens gradually to 100-percent enlightenment when a ignition is switched on. The bright instrument quarrel afterwards comes alive, indicating that a automobile is prepared to go. At a finish of a drive, a instrument lighting dims progressively.

Multi-Information Display (MID)
The Odyssey instrument quarrel provides critical automobile information and infotainment complement calm around an integrated Multi-Information Display (MID) positioned mainly in a instrument display. Controls positioned on a steering circle concede a motorist to cycle a MID arrangement by mixed screens of information from sources including outing computer, phone, audio, upkeep and more. The Maintenance Minder™ complement alerts a Odyssey motorist of arriving upkeep needs around a MID and should a error start with a vehicle, specific warning information will appear. The arrangement indicates when to change a oil, atmosphere cleaner, delivery fluid, hint plugs or coolant, as good as when to stagger a tires. 

Multi-information Display Features