Honda Automobiles: 2018 Honda Odyssey Press Kit

NOTE: Information in this request is preliminary, theme to change though notice, and dictated for media use–not for consumers. For final information, revisit


In a renewed goal to yield stylish flexibility for active families, a fifth-generation Odyssey is as modernized in a extraneous pattern as it is in a performance, float and handling, interior comfort and convenience, electronic facilities and safety. The rested extraneous pattern still says “Odyssey” during initial glance, with accessible LED headlights and haze lights, a rejecting of manifest shifting doorway rails on a physique sides, countless stylistic and aerodynamic upgrades, and a choice of new 18- and 19-inch wheels, all contributing to a some-more athletic, worldly and modern-looking vehicle.

The physique uses high-strength steel to urge torsional rigidity, that aids in all aspects of a vehicle’s energetic performance. Extreme measures to revoke noise, quivering and rudeness (NVH) and such new facilities as a Hands-Free Access choice for a accessible appetite tailgate make a 2018 Odyssey a many lush yet.

Key Body and Exterior Features

  • Improved aerodynamics
  • Active Shutter Grille system*
  • Next-Generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) Body Structure
  • “3-Bone” front building structure*
  • LED daytime regulating lights (EX and above) and taillights (all trims)
  • LED headlights and haze lights (Touring and Elite)
  • Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) enhancements
  • Acoustic windshield (EX-L and above)
  • Acoustic front doorway glass* (Elite)
  • Acoustic back doorway glass* (Elite)
  • Power tailgate (EX-L, Touring and Elite)
  • Hands-Free Access Power Tailgate* (Touring and Elite)

* First for Odyssey

Exterior Dimensions
The 2018 Odyssey shares a same 118.1-inch wheelbase with a previous-generation Odyssey for glorious second- and third-row seating roominess, easy accession and egress, and higher float comfort. The altogether length increases incompletely to 203.2 inches due to a 0.4-inch longer back overhang, while a breadth decreases by 1.1-inches to revoke frontal area, shortening aerodynamic drag. Overall tallness is scarcely identical. The dimensional adjustments do not concede interior roominess, as a new Odyssey offers incompletely some-more front and third-row headroom, retains roughly matching altogether newcomer volume, and offers some-more bucket volume, with dual inches some-more length in a bucket area, than a prior generation. (See a Interior territory for some-more information.)

2017 Odyssey vs. 2018 Odyssey Exterior Dimensions

Key Body Specifications

Exterior Styling
The new fifth-generation Odyssey is a on-going and sporty expansion of a Odyssey’s obvious extraneous form. In front, a 2018 indication includes a latest chronicle of Honda’s trapezoid grille, with resolutely restyled chrome bars, stylized headlights, and new wing-shaped LED daytime regulating lights (DRL) lending a reward coming on EX and above models. Bright LED headlights and haze lights finish a Touring and Elite trims. The hood gains new impression lines that supplement a some-more visually interesting and worldly look, while a front fascia invokes a sports sedan, with a vast revoke atmosphere inlet.  

Despite pity a same wheelbase and a matching tallness and length with a prior generation, from a side Honda’s new 2018 Odyssey looks longer, revoke and some-more athletic. Front-end facilities – in particular, a lighting – hang around to a physique sides some-more emphatically. The model’s evil Z-shaped “lightning bolt” side impression lines are some-more strongly developed, new impression lines on a doors supplement light contrariety and manifest intrigue, and a new prejudiced black-out diagnosis for a D-pillar lends a coming of a Odyssey’s slim roof “floating” over a cabin greenhouse.

Wraparound chrome trim adds a lush reason on all trims, as do chrome doorway handles on EX and above trims, and body-color revoke side sills on a Touring and Elite trims. Re-engineering a shifting side doorway mechanisms removes a prior model’s manifest rails along a back physique sides, giving a new Odyssey a cleaner appearance, while a incomparable 18-inch and accessible 19-inch wheels and tires offer accelerate a 2018 Odyssey’s jaunty stance.

Unique C-shaped taillights give a Odyssey a some-more lush and complicated back appearance, as does expanded chrome trim fasten a taillights opposite a tailgate.  Additional impression lines visually order a tailgate into lower, midst and tip segments, with light personification differently on any aspect for some-more manifest appeal.

The 2018 Odyssey receives a many consummate and complete array of aerodynamic refinements of any Odyssey era to date. This endless proceed boosts aerodynamic potency and reduces breeze noise. Examples of a aero efforts found on a 2018 Odyssey embody endless underneath covers, a Active Shutter Grille system,  dim windshield wipers, wind-sculptured side mirrors (power folding on Elite), and many tiny though impending sum such as under-body strakes, shark fin-type antenna, and a back spoiler (black on LX, EX, EX-L and Touring trims, body-color on Elite).

Active Shutter Grille System
In a initial for Odyssey, Honda’s Active Shutter Grille element located subsequent a front buffer reduces aerodynamic drag generally during cruising speeds, directly assisting to urge fuel efficiency. Included on all 2018 Odyssey trims, a element uses an electric actuator tranquil by a processor that marks vital heat parameters, including engine coolant and radiator temperatures, intake atmosphere temperature, delivery oil heat and air-conditioning requirements, all of that can change due to weather, highway conditions, car speed, stifle and rigging positions, and towing activity. The element possibly opens or closes a 4 shutters concurrently to control a volume of atmosphere issuing by a engine’s radiator and a atmosphere conditioner’s condenser. The element is designed to keep a shutters hermetic as many as probable – even in city driving. (See a Powertrain territory for some-more information.)

Underbody Aero Package
The new Odyssey includes an underbody aero package consisting of a 2-piece clandestine behind a front fascia and underneath a engine and transmission, prosaic underbody surfaces fluctuating between a front and back circle areas, air-diverting strakes positioned brazen of all 4 tires, and an additional clandestine behind a left back tire (the tailpipe occupies a space behind a right back tire). These undercovers directly urge fuel efficiency, quite on a highway.

Outward prominence for a motorist and passengers has been softened in a 2018 Odyssey interjection to a horde of tiny though vicious measures. Key improvements include:

  • Front entertain windows relocated from a A-pillars to a doors urge cornering prominence by 5 percent.
  • Improved A-pillar construction increases brazen prominence by 1.5 degrees.
  • The front entertain window and A-pillar changes sum urge cornering prominence by 8 percent.
  • The new tailgate pattern reduces D-pillar manifest deterrent by 9.7 percent.

Next-Generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) Body Structure
The 2018 Odyssey’s extended Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) physique structure is a second era of Honda’s disdainful ACE constructional design. ACE is an disdainful physique pattern that enhances newcomer insurance and pile-up harmony in frontal crashes. It uses a network of connected constructional elements to liberate pile-up appetite some-more uniformly around a front of a vehicle, assisting to revoke a army eliminated to a newcomer compartment. It can assistance to some-more uniformly sunder a army eliminated to other vehicles in a pile-up as well. ACE also helps revoke a chances that one car will overrule or underride another, improving pile-up harmony of vehicles that differ in size. ACE goes offer by charity additional strength and insurance in tiny overlie frontal collisions, that are among a many severe. Multiple member grades, including ultra-high-strength steel, are used in a Odyssey’s physique construction to assistance optimize reserve performance.

Body Construction
Based on Honda’s tellurian light lorry platform, a 2018’s Odyssey physique structure
has 44-percent larger torsional acerbity than a prior model. High-strength steel comprises 58 percent of a physique structure, contributing to both softened acerbity and reduced mass for a unit-body.

Stiffening a physique with ultra-high-strength steel, hot-stamped steel and adhesives in vicious areas offer directly minister to reduced sound and vibration, and softened float and handling. The constructional improvements also assistance revoke mass, directly contributing to augmenting fuel efficiency.

3-Bone Front Floor Structure
Located underneath a front building of a new Odyssey is a movement of a “3-Bone” structure used in a Pilot that improves impact bucket management, directing appetite around a newcomer cabin in a eventuality of a frontal collision. The structure creates 3 opposite bucket pathways, or “backbones,” that channel collision energy. One channels collision army from a front of a car directly underneath a newcomer cabin; a other dual channel collision army underneath a vehicle’s left and right side frames. The outcome is an softened capability to safely channel appetite during a frontal crash.

Optimized Body Materials
Multiple grades of high-strength steel are used in a Odyssey’s physique construction to assistance grasp glorious altogether car dynamics, optimize reserve performance, revoke weight, and revoke noise, quivering and rudeness (NVH). The mixed of modernized materials and developed engineering processes save 75 lbs. in unit-body weight compared to a previous-generation Odyssey.

Body Materials

Key Engineering Features
The 2018 Odyssey facilities several singular advancements in physique pattern and materials that significantly urge altogether rigidity, while shortening weight. This directly helps urge altogether car dynamics, pile-up reserve performance, interior quietness, and long-term durability.

Ultra-High Strength Door Rings
For a initial time, a new 2018 Odyssey has 1500-megapascal (MPa) ultra-high-strength steel doorway bolster beams and ultra-high-strength front doorway outdoor stiffener rings finished of 1500-MPa hot-stamped steel. Laser welded and significantly stronger than typical steel, a ultra-high-strength steel reinforcements are designed to assistance softened strengthen occupants in a frontal or side impact. Their augmenting strength allows a components to be finished lighter that also helps revoke altogether car weight for softened fuel efficiency.

Rigid Tailgate Opening Ring
The strength of a “tailgate ring” (the spin steel structure surrounding a tailgate) is undeniably vicious for higher car handling, fortitude and float quality. Debuting on a 2016 Honda Pilot and practical to a 2018 Odyssey for a initial time, this modernized tailgate ring contributes to a new model’s advantage in torsional rigidity, benefiting ride, doing and NVH.

Structural Foam
For a initial time in a Odyssey, physique acerbity is extended regulating constructional froth inserts in pivotal locations. These embody a left and right C-pillar stiffeners, and within an inside joint that connects a left and right side core frames underneath a front floor. The softened physique acerbity pays dividends in doing precision, float quality, NVH and pile-up safety.

Structural Adhesives
The new Odyssey creates widespread use of constructional adhesives in a unit-body, supplementing constructional welds and significantly augmenting acerbity though a additional mass of steel components. Structural adhesives are used during a roof edges and around a moonroof opening, in a front building and cover area, in a A- and B-pillars, around a front cessation tip mounts, and extensively around a back of a body. Applied before a physique panels are welded together, some 147.6 feet of adhesives (32.8 ft. some-more than in a prior Odyssey generation) comment for approximately 3.5 percent of a whole unit-body stiffness.
Acoustic Spray Foam
To yield additional sound insulation by restraint off vale pillars, acoustic mist froth is practical in 14 locations in a Odyssey physique for a initial time in Honda history. The areas embody a bottom of a A-, B-, C- and D-pillars, as good as a bottom of a windshield support and during a tip of a C- and D-pillars. In addition, acoustic fasten is practical during bottom of a A-, B- and C-pillars, and a froth capsule is practical to a bottom of a B-pillar. Altogether, a use of these physique sealing techniques formula in a 55-percent rebate in physique leaks, that significantly reduces sound entering a cabin in vicious sections. All froth and acoustic fasten focus is finished while a unit-body is in a usually made “body-in-white” form – before connection of pivotal components and assemblies.

Cast Magnesium Steering Hanger Beam
Located behind a instrument panel, a Odyssey’s expel magnesium steering hanger lamp replaces a multi-part steel territory in a prior Odyssey. Its purpose is as a constructional connection prove for a steering mainstay and instrument panel, as good as a constructional member that helps a newcomer cabin keep a figure in certain collisions.

The expel magnesium steering hanger lamp offers several advantages compared to a prior steel unit:

  • Simpler Construction – Created from a singular casting instead of mixed opposite extrusions and stampings, a new magnesium steering hanger lamp offers some-more accurate construction.
  • Lighter Weight – The magnesium steering hanger lamp saves 10.1 lbs. compared to a allied steel component, contributing to softened float and handling, fuel potency and revoke emissions.
  • Better Fit and Finish – The harsh tolerances of a magnesium steering hanger lamp concede for a some-more accurate plcae of a instrument row for softened fit and finish.

Aluminum Front Bumper Beam
The aluminum front buffer lamp saves 2.6 lbs. while enhancing constructional integrity.

Composite Materials
For a initial time, a Odyssey physique structure also utilizes combination materials to offer revoke weight while enhancing acerbity and sound dampening. One instance is inside a C-pillars, where combination stiffeners, together with a constructional froth mentioned above assistance urge physique rigidity. Another instance is a bottom that supports a Odyssey’s battery. Created from a singular combination casting, it binds a battery firmly while adding minimal weight to a altogether physique structure, saving 2.9 lbs. over a prior Odyssey.

Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Countermeasures
The new Odyssey severely advantages from a many some-more firm and firmly hermetic physique with almost augmenting use of constructional adhesives and sealers, as good as new front and back cessation subframes and endless aerodynamic tailoring to form a basement for a still vehicle. Additionally, a 2018 Odyssey uses a refined, multiple-tier insulation package that takes noise, quivering and rudeness (NVH) countermeasures to a subsequent level, positioning it during a tip of a rival set.

Along with acoustic mist froth practical in 14 vicious locations, all Odyssey trims underline triple doorway seals and Active Noise Control record to assistance forestall neglected sound from reaching a passengers. While all trims advantage from thicker front and back doorway glass, Elite receives acoustic front/rear doorway potion and adds an additional runner separator layer, acoustic fabric buffer liners, additional slip doorway insulation, and back wheelhouse insulators.

Exterior Lighting
The 2018 Odyssey incorporates a far-reaching operation of halogen and light-emitting diode (LED) extraneous lighting features. LED headlights are accessible for a initial time, fasten accessible LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), accessible LED side counterpart spin signals and LED taillights to yield a brightest and many visually particular array of Odyssey extraneous lighting yet.

LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
Odyssey EX, EX-L, Touring and Elite trims have bright, particular LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL). A signature pattern underline of a new Odyssey, a DRLs implement Honda’s evil wing figure positioned subsequent and beside a low-beam headlights. Shaped to compare a modern, superb and jaunty demeanour of a new Odyssey, a LED DRL array tapers as it moves from a physique side toward a inside of a headlight lens. Stylistically, a DRLs strongly and clearly conclude a front corners of a Odyssey.

Projector-Beam Headlights
Included on a Odyssey LX, EX, EX-L and EX-L N/R, projector-beam-style halogen headlights underline spin outboard low beams and spin inboard high-beam illumination. The Odyssey LX headlights have an auto-off underline to strengthen a battery’s state of assign if a motorist leaves a car though switching off a lights, while Odyssey EX and above trims supplement a preference and reserve of automobile on/off high beams (AHB). (See a Safety and Driver Assistance territory for some-more information.)

LED Headlights
Exclusive to a Odyssey Touring and Elite trims, LED low- and high-beam headlights yield softened night enlightenment and prominence compared to contemporary high-intensity liberate (HID) headlights. Six LEDs offer as low beams and 3 LEDs offer as high beams on any side. Besides improving motorist certainty and pacifist safety, a LED headlights use reduction energy, assisting to raise fuel potency by shortening engine loads. In addition, a LED headlights final adult to 5 times longer than HID headlights and adult to 10 times longer than halogen headlights – contributing to reduction visit deputy and a compared cost savings. An automobile on/off duty is also included.

Compared to required halogen headlights, a Odyssey’s accessible LED headlights offer some 32.8 feet (10 meters) wider bright area on any side – as good as a 26.2 feet (8 meter) longer strech line – when low beams are in use. The breadth and strech advantages assist drivers in some-more safely and quietly navigate both true and circuitous roads. Odyssey’s auto-high lamp underline offer improves safety.

LED Taillights
All 2018 Odyssey trims underline LED taillights, whose C-shaped pattern complements a wing-shaped pattern of a accessible front LED DRLs and providing a particular Odyssey coming that is easy to mark on a road.

Exterior Lighting Features

One-Touch Power Moonroof with Tilt Feature
The Odyssey EX-L, Touring and Elite trims underline a appetite sloping and shifting front moonroof with a primer sunshade. To lean or slip a moonroof, a motorist or front newcomer needs usually to entirely press a ceiling-mounted switch once (instead of dire and holding it for several seconds). The moonroof entirely opens or closes automatically. However, if a user wishes to usually partially open or tighten a moonroof (such as to grasp prejudiced ventilation), a lighter reason yields entirely primer control. The moonroof can also lean to yield ventilation. An auto-reverse underline is built in, assisting to lessen a probability of a pinched finger or limb. If a moonroof motor’s ECU detects a threshold spin of automatic resistance, indicating a probable obstruction, a engine will automatically retreat and free a moonroof.

Acoustic Glass
Acoustic laminated windshield potion helps revoke sound entering a cabin on EX-L and above trims. Tuned privately to draw wind-, urban- and traffic-noise frequencies, a acoustic windshield uses an outdoor covering of 2.0 mm reserve glass, a 0.7 mm thick core covering of acoustic polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and a 2.0 mm middle covering for a sum density of 4.7 mm – an boost over a 4.5mm density of a previous-generation Odyssey windshield. This helps a Odyssey place during a tip of a category in wind-noise performance.

All Odyssey trims by Touring have 5.0 mm gradual front doorway potion while Elite adds 4.8 mm acoustic laminated front doorway potion and 4.3 mm acoustic laminated back doorway glass. All Odyssey trims implement 3.5 mm back entertain window potion and 3.5 mm tailgate glass. In addition, a accessible appetite moonroof uses 3.5mm dim gray remoteness glass. (See a Interior territory some-more information.)

Glass Specifications

Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers
The Odyssey Elite includes rain-sensing wipers that automatically activate if H2O is rescued on a windshield. Designed to cover a limit probable windshield area, a left (driver) and right (front passenger) windshield wipers are 25.6 inches and 22.6 inches long, respectively. They also underline breakaway wiper pivots to lessen a intensity for damage in a eventuality of a walking collision. (See a Safety and Driver Assistive territory for some-more information.) The back wiper is 15.7 inches long.

Wiper-linked automobile on/off headlights are enclosed on a Odyssey EX and above trims. When a headlight duty is set to a AUTO mode, a headlights spin on after a wipers have finished 5 purify cycles; they afterwards automatically spin off 2 ½ mins after a final wipe.

Smart Entry
Included on a EX and above trims, Smart Entry simplifies approaching, entering and handling a Odyssey – generally when a motorist has his or her hands full. To advantage entrance to vehicle, a motorist simply pulls one of a dual front doorway handles while a remote is in his or her possession. The 2018 Odyssey LX retains a prior remote entrance system.

Sliding Side Doors
New on a 2018 Odyssey are core doorway rails dim underneath a back side potion that reinstate a manifest rails located on a physique sides behind a back doors on a second- by 4th-generation Odyssey. The outcome is a clean, seamless coming for a back physique side and no manifest side doorway rails or components.

A reserve fasten prevents a left-hand shifting doorway from opening when a fuel lid is open.

Like a front doors and tailgate, a side doors underline full 360-degree seals to revoke breeze and highway noise, H2O and waste from entering a vehicle.

Power Side Doors
Odyssey EX and above trims embody appetite shifting side doors that can be activated by a switch (to work left, right or both doors) on a instrument panel, by a switch from a second-row seating area, by pulling on possibly a interior or extraneous doorway handle, or by buttons (left or right) on a remote pivotal fob.

The element facilities softened handling logic. In a prior Odyssey generation, if a motorist and a newcomer outward a car were to any activate a appetite side doorway during approximately a same time, a doorway could start to open with a initial person’s action, and afterwards stop as shortly as a second chairman took action. To discharge this on a 2018 Odyssey, new doorway proof enables a doorway to work as dictated if dual matching activations (such as a motorist and a newcomer both wishing to open a door) are entered within a half second of any other. For instance, if a primogenitor pulls adult to a quell during propagandize and presses a appetite side doorway open symbol during approximately a same time as does a child watchful curbside, a doorway will open as desired. If longer than a half second passes between activations, doorway operation will stop, and a warning beep will sound.

For softened safety, a shifting doors will usually open median if a compared window is also open about halfway, or more.

In addition, on Touring and Elite trims, a accessible HondaLink smartphone app allows checking possibly a Odyssey is sealed or unlocked, and afterwards possibly locking or unlocking a car doors remotely. (See a Interior territory for some-more information.)

Tailgate Design
The pattern of a opening and a use of a spindle-less appetite tailgate element on EX-L and above trims (see below) minister to a cleaner altogether coming when a tailgate is open. A outline of advantages for a redesigned tailgate area include:

  • A low 24.8 in. lift-over tallness allows easy loading and unloading of cargo, while a damage image protects a buffer from blemishes.
  • At 48.6 inches wide, a new Odyssey’s tailgate opening permits loading massive items, adult to and including 4×8-foot plywood sheets.
  • At 38.2 inches high, a 2018 Odyssey’s bucket opening is top in class.
  • The new tailgate pattern allows reduced D-pillar manifest obstruction.

Power Tailgate
The Odyssey EX-L and above trims underline a appetite tailgate. Replacing a twin gas-charged struts and apart electric engine element on a prior Odyssey, a new Odyssey uses a spindle-less pattern utilizing a tiny electric engine and worm rigging entirely housed in a roof area. The spindle-less element lends a tailgate area a cleaner coming while assisting to urge opening breadth and bucket volume. The spindle-less element is also 1.4 lbs. lighter than a gear-driven element accessible on a previous-generation Odyssey.

The appetite tailgate can be operated around a remote pivotal fob, from a symbol on a driver’s side of a instrument panel, from a symbol above a back permit image (for opening only), or from a symbol located inside a tailgate (for shutting only). Opening or shutting a tailgate takes 6.4 seconds, about a second quicker than on a prior generation.

Three new tailgate handling functions are enclosed in a new Odyssey (EX-L and above trims):

  • Stop and Hold – The stop and reason underline allows a tailgate to be stopped during any preferred position, that is useful when a Odyssey is parked in parsimonious areas such as in a swarming parking lot, in a garage, or nearby a wall.
  • Programmable Height – This new duty allows a Odyssey motorist to set a opening tallness of a tailgate to their preferred level. This allows drivers of opposite heights to module a tailgate to open during a tallness that is accessible for them. Like a stop and reason function, a programmable tallness duty allows protected use of a tailgate in a cramped area such as a garage with a low ceiling. To use a programmable tallness function, simply press a tailgate switch (located on a interior tailgate lining) when a tailgate is open for 3 seconds when a tailgate reaches a preferred height. The element beeps twice to prove that it has been programmed.
  • Hands-Free Access – New to a Odyssey Touring and Elite is a Hands-Free Access system. Convenient and versatile, this reward underline creates handling a accessible appetite tailgate easier when a user’s hands are full. With Hands-Free Access, a tailgate can be simply non-stop or hermetic by a elementary in-and-out kicking suit underneath a core area of a back bumper. If a Odyssey is versed with a trailer hitch, a flog territory is somewhat to a left or right of a trailer hitch. This enables people carrying equipment a ability to bucket or collect items, even if both hands are full and incompetent to work a remote. It also keeps a driver’s hands purify if a tailgate and hoop are dirty. Hands-Free Access works when a user is carrying a Odyssey’s pivotal fob. For safety, a lights peep when a element senses a kick, alerting a user to pierce divided from a tailgate as it rises.

On Touring and Elite trims, a accessible HondaLink smartphone app allows checking possibly a Odyssey is sealed or unlocked, and afterwards to possibly lock, or clear a car doors – including a tailgate – remotely. (See a Interior territory for some-more information.)

Exterior Colors
The 2018 Odyssey is accessible in 8 extraneous colors including 4 lead and 4 pearl colors, depending on trim level. All colors have a clever character, charity fluent contrasts that element a singular curves and angles of a new physique design, while also exhibiting a complicated and worldly appearance. The colors are:

Exterior Colors

Interior Color Options




Deep Scarlet Pearl (NEW) **



Forest Mist  Metallic (NEW) **



Pacific Pewter Metallic (NEW) **



Obsidian Blue Pearl



Crystal Black Pearl **


Modern Steel Metallic



Lunar Silver Metallic (NEW)


White Diamond Pearl

** NA on Odyssey LX

Body and Exterior Features

* First for Odyssey