Honda Automobiles: 2017 North American International Auto Show – Honda Press Conference

Remarks by Takahiro Hachigo, President, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and John Mendel, Executive Vice President, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Takahiro Hachigo

I wish to start by thanking a members of a media who comparison a Honda Ridgeline as a Truck of a Year. Ridgeline was combined by Honda’s RD and prolongation teams in America. Thank we for noticing their efforts.

This year outlines a 40th anniversary of a proclamation in 1977 that Honda would build products in America. We done this preference formed on a joining to build products tighten to a customers.

Last year, Honda reached a tellurian prolongation miracle of 100 million automobiles. And some-more than 65 percent of a vehicles Honda has sole in a U.S. in a whole story were done in North America. Last year, some-more than 96 percent of a vehicles we sole in a U.S. were done in North America.

In total, we now have 12 vital plants in a U.S. building cars and trucks, engines, transmissions, energy equipment, energy sports products, and even airplanes. Local automobile prolongation helped us grasp new sales annals in a U.S. for a 2nd true year. we wish to appreciate a business for a trust they place in Honda. This is a substructure of all we have achieved and is pivotal to a future.

Now, we am focusing Honda on dual pivotal passions we have followed given a association was established.

First, to emanate products that assistance people in their daily lives. Second, to yield a fun and leisure of mobility. You can see this instruction in a new products like a Civic and CR-V. This means a concentration on good styling together with a new tellurian height and turbo engine record to yield both a fun of pushing and superb fuel economy.

All of Honda’s tellurian models will follow this approach. For a future, we set a severe thought to make two-thirds of a tellurian sales from electrified vehicles by around 2030.

The Clarity array is partial of this plan. The Clarity Fuel Cell came to marketplace in a U.S. in December. This year, we will entrance a Clarity Electric and launch a Clarity Plug-in Hybrid in all 50 states.

To serve grow sales of electrified vehicles in further to a Accord Hybrid and Clarity Plug-in, I’m gratified to announce that Honda will launch an all-new, dedicated hybrid automobile subsequent year. This indication will implement a innovative 2-motor hybrid complement and will be done in a U.S.

As partial of a bid to allege foundation within a product lineup in a U.S., we also will start to request a 2-motor hybrid complement to a light lorry line-up. In fact, half of a all-new models we will launch in a entrance dual years will be electrified vehicles. So, we can call this a “Honda Electrification Initiative”.

Gas prices have reduced direct for hybrid vehicles in a U.S. But in a prolonged term, electrified vehicles are pivotal to a destiny of carbon-free mobility.

We also continue to allege a potency and opening of a gasoline models. This year we will deliver a new Honda-developed 10-speed involuntary delivery to be built here in a U.S. that provides softened fuel economy in newcomer cars and polished drivability in light trucks.

Today, we am vehement to exhibit a initial indication that will be versed with this new transmission.

Almost 20 years ago, as a growth engineer, we began work on a 1999 Honda Odyssey. The Odyssey is now a many renouned minivan with American automobile buyers and we am unapproachable to deliver a all-new model. It was grown here in a U.S. and will be a 4th era to be built in America.

Ladies and gentlemen, a product combined to make each member of a family happy. The tellurian entrance of a all-new 2018 Honda Odyssey.

John Mendel

Hello everyone!

Well, as we can see, this 5th era of America’s best-selling minivan takes Odyssey styling to a new turn of sophistication and reward design.

Low, wide, with softened aerodynamics, a some-more neatly sculpted physique side and a uninformed new take on a signature lightning shaft belt line.

Under a hood is a new, direct-injected V-6 engine corresponding adult to one of dual new transmissions. As Mr. Hachigo said, this includes a first-ever Honda-developed 10-speed with tellurian prolongation being led by a delivery plant in Georgia. This all-new 10-speed will be creation a approach into countless Honda vehicles in a years ahead.

These new powertrains brew with a many some-more firm physique and a worldly new framework design, including some-more absolute brakes and an all-new behind cessation to make this a undisguised quickest, many fuel-efficient, best-handling and best roving minivan on a road.

Of course, there’s a whole lot some-more to a Odyssey story than usually a class-leading performance. This new Odyssey was designed around a needs of a family. In each component of a design, facilities and function, this new Odyssey is all about gripping everybody in a family happy.

To grasp that, we put a lot of strange meditative into this new Odyssey. But we began with an aged thought — that families need time to bond with one another. Our designers had a picture of a family campfire, with everybody means to join in a conversation.

One thing we found in a investigate was that a third-row users, typically a comparison kids in a family, felt left out. They like being in their possess space though still wish to be a partial of a conversation. In a identical way, relatives find it formidable in many minivans to promulgate from front to back. So we focused on cabin serenity and unequivocally prioritized first-to-third-row conversation.

So, we installed adult this new Odyssey with a whole horde of noise-defeating features, that we see listed adult here, giving Odyssey a undisguised quietest cabin in a class, bar none. Of course, we didn’t omit a complicated family’s need for new-age connectivity possibly nor their enterprise for increasing coherence for doing what minivan buyers do — hauling a family, a kids, their friends to school, a movies, a store and on family trips.

And we’ve installed adult this new Odyssey with new facilities and technologies that will also make it a many connected, gentle and stretchable Odyssey yet. Let’s take a look.

That’s a lot of creation packaged into a brief video, or into one vehicle. And we know a business are going to adore all this new Odyssey has to offer.

Finally, as we all know, reserve is a core care for minivan buyers and increasingly reserve is tangible not usually by a vehicle’s ability to strengthen a occupants in a collision though to equivocate accidents altogether.

With Honda’s repute as a reserve leader, we can gamble we’re again targeting tip NCAP and IIHS pile-up reserve ratings, aided by a ACE physique structure, accessible new LED headlights and stretched concentration of Honda Sensing technology.

For a new Odyssey, a Honda Sensing apartment will be offering as customary apparatus on EX and aloft trims, representing 95 percent of a sales mix. All Honda Sensing-equipped models will also underline Blind Spot Information and all models will have a multi-angle rearview camera.

Folks, this is one implausible new Odyssey, a Honda to keep everybody in a family happy!

And we demeanour brazen to pity even some-more about a new Odyssey in a days brazen including full specs and EPA fuel economy ratings.

Odyssey is designed, grown and built exclusively in America. And we have members of a Odyssey growth group with us today. Team, greatfully mount and be famous and appreciate we for doing your partial to keep Odyssey America’s best-selling minivan.

And to assistance us accommodate clever direct for all of a light lorry models, we’ve done a preference to pierce all prolongation of a Acura MDX from a Alabama plant to a
East Liberty Plant in Ohio, effective subsequent fall. The Alabama plant will concentration only on assembly direct for a Honda Pilot, Ridgeline and this all-new Odyssey.

Now, we wish to ask Mr. Hachigo to join me for a few discerning photos and afterwards we entice all of we adult for a closer demeanour during a all new Odyssey.

Thank you!