Honda Automobiles: 2015 Honda Fit

Interior Features Overview
The all-new 2015 Fit has been completely redesigned inside as well. And while it stays true to its ultra-efficient concept, it now boasts a number of standard “class-above” features and optional premium features that make it more comfortable, convenient, and keep the driver informed, connected and entertained. Primary changes, upgrades and new features include a significantly enlarged cabin, a new center console with armrest and tablet connectivity, an available leather trim package, and available premium features such as Smart Entry with Push Button Start and the 7-inch touchscreen Display Audio.

Key New Interior Features

  • Additional 4.9 cubic feet of passenger volume
  • Additional 4.8 inches of rear seat legroom
  • Steering wheel-mounted audio controls
  • 7-inch touchscreen Display Audio (EX, EX-L) (see Audio and Telematics Section)

The new, fresh and sporty interior styling of the 2015 Fit starts with a large glass area providing an open, airy interior environment and giving not only a sense of spaciousness but also providing the driver with excellent visibility. The sophisticated and dynamic all-black interior with contrasting upgraded materials includes soft touch points and is accented with silver trim. The sporty, blue backlit three-dial instrument panel including a Multi Information Display (MID), 5-inch color LCD screen (LX grade) or for the first time offered on a Fit, the 7-inch Display Audio on EX and EX-L grades. Comfortable and spacious seats with high-quality fabric have an appealing geometric pattern on the LX trim and a sporty and dynamic pattern on the EX. For the first time, Fit also offers the upscale luxury of a leather-trimmed cabin in the EX-L grade. In addition to the leather trim on the seats, the Fit EX-L includes a leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob as well as heated front seats. The flowing lines and contrasting materials of the cabin mirror the sportiness of the exterior and provide a sophisticated yet relaxing richness.

Driver Interface
For the 2015 model, the Fit interior’s has been completely redesigned for even greater ergonomic performance. The new instruments and controls are oriented to the driver for quick readability and easy, natural access. A large speedometer is placed in the center of the instrument pod that has, for the first time, Eco Assist lighting, the color of which changes to help the driver achieve greater driving efficiency. A tachometer resides to the left, and an MID, on the right, can cycle through various informational displays. The instruments and displays provide critical and useful information including current estimated fuel economy, time, outside temperature, fuel gauge and transmission gear position (on CVT equipped models). The 5-inch color LCD screen or new 7-inch touchscreen Display Audio are conveniently positioned for either the driver or front passenger to control. New-style steering wheel-mounted controls with more functionality provide quick and easy access to various functions and information without the driver having to remove hands from the wheel.

Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls
All Fit steering wheels have three sets of controls, including the new-style radial controls. There are two left-hand sets: one operates the audio system or the Display Audio system, if equipped; the other controls the Bluetooth®x HandsFreeLink® and, if equipped, the navigation system. The right-hand set operates the cruise control.

The left-hand set of radial audio controls includes four controls on one ring—like the four points on a compass—to simplify the layout and provide for intuitive toggling between functions. A short push on the MENU button engages the Display Audio system. All controls are likewise positioned ergonomically where they are easy to reach and operate with minimal distraction for the driver. They also offer a pleasant tactile feel.

The 2015 Fit is small on the outside but big on the inside. The new model is 1.6 inches shorter than the previous model but due in part to its 1.2-inch longer wheelbase—extended to provide a larger occupant space—the Fit has the largest interior space in its class. Contributing to the Fit’s remarkable interior bigness are clever packaging, thoughtful storage features, and the multi-position 2nd-row Magic Seats® that provide several interior configurations for the ultimate in functionality.

Key among the many clever engineering and design changes made to achieve the Fit’s excellent packaging are a lower profile fuel tank that provides almost 1 inch of additional vertical room. Floor frame members that were previously located along the sides of the fuel tank were moved under the tank to allow the wider tank profile. A narrower, single-fan radiator contributes to an engine bay that is over 4 inches shorter allowing for additional occupant room. And a new rear wheel arch design and shorter rear suspension trailing arm help to provide the 4.8 inch increase in passenger leg room.

Improved Packaging

  • +4.9 cubic feet of passenger volume
  • +0.8 inches of couple distance (side-by-side seating)
  • +1.2 inches of front seat shoulder room
  • +0.8 inches of rear seat shoulder room
  • +3.2 inches of front-to-rear passenger room
  • +4.8 inches of rear seat legroom
  • +2.6 inches of rear seat knee clearance
  • -4.2 inches less engine bay length (making more room for passengers)
  • -0.4 inch lower front seating position


Occupant Area
Even when first entering the 2015 Fit, the driver and passengers experience the feel of space with wide opening doors, large door openings and a lower front seat height. Once seated, the 4.9 cubic feet of additional passenger space is immediately felt with increased room in virtually every direction, particularly the larger side-by-side and back-to-front passenger space. The sensation of airy spaciousness is further enhanced by a large glass area.

Cargo Area
Opening the Fit’s rear hatch provides access to a remarkably spacious and accommodating cargo area. With a low liftover height, four dedicated seat modes and dozens of configurations, the Fit is the epitome of functionality and utility. Fold the 2nd-row Magic Seat® forward and the Fit provides an enormous 52.7 cubic feet of cargo space—more than any of its key hatchback competitors. Other configurations allow long and tall items to be carried or even for two people to relax with their feet up when the Fit is parked.

2nd-Row Magic Seat®
The trick of the Fit’s exceptional utility is its 60/40 (right/left), split 2nd-row Magic Seat, but with the enlarged interior room afforded by the redesign, the multiple-configurable seat provides even better cargo carrying options. The Magic Seat can be configured in multiple ways to adapt instantly to a wide variety of circumstances and needs. In the standard seatback-up/seat bottom-down position there is ample room for three passengers to sit comfortably. As the seatback is split 60/40, one or two passengers can still be accommodated while extending the cargo-carrying capacity by folding down one side or the other. And since the Fit’s seat now offers exceptional rear-seat legroom, the rear passenger area can also accommodate a good-sized pet kennel or crate. The Magic Seat can easily be folded into any of its positions with levers accessible from the rear of the car or the rear doors.

Utility Mode
With both 2nd-row seats folded down, the Utility Mode allows for maximum cargo capacity—a cavernous 52.7 cubic feet. The flat floor and regular shape of the area allow for the most efficient use of the space. Also, due to the low liftover height of the hatch and low floor height, large and heavy items can be easily loaded. Four tiedowns on the EX and EX-L trims make it easy to secure cargo as well.

Tall Mode
The Tall Mode is another useful cargo-carrying configuration for tall items that need to remain upright, such as a large plant. This would also be useful for bringing an uncrated dog along, since the side-door entry is even lower than the rear entry of the vehicle, making it easy for most dogs of any age to get in or out. With over 4 feet of space from floor to ceiling, the space can even accommodate two mountain bikes with their front wheels removed. This is a better alternative than laying one bike on top of another in the back, which risks damage from protruding pedals and handlebars.

Long Mode
If long items such as lumber, a stepladder, or even recreational items such as surfboards or musical instruments need to be carried, the Long Mode accommodates. With the rear seat on the passenger side folded down and the front passenger seat tilted all the way back, items up 7 feet 9 inches long can be carried. The Fit’s Long Mode accommodates bulkier items without the need for a roof rack.

Refresh Mode
When not driving, the Refresh Mode provides a comfortable, feet-up place for two people to relax. This mode is achieved by removing the front-seat head restraints, moving the seats all the way forward and tilting the seatbacks all the way back.

Interior Features








12-Volt Battery-Charging System Indicator

ABS Indicator

Airbag System Indicator

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Brake System Indicator

Coolant Temperature Indicator

Cruise Control Indicators

Door- and Hatch-Open Indicator

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Electric Power Steering (EPS) Indicator

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Fuel Level Indicator

Headlights-On Indicator

High-Beam Indicator

Immobilizer System Indicator

Low-Brake Fluid Indicator

Low-Tire Pressure Indicator

Low-Fuel Indicator

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Maintenance Minder™ Indicator

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VSA System and VSA-Off Indicators