Honda Automobiles: 2013 Honda Fit EV: Overview

No other automaker on the planet is more deeply committed to produce and deliver energy-efficient and sustainable transportation solutions than Honda. The latest example is the 2013 Fit EV, the newest offering in Honda’s evolving range of alternatively fueled vehicles. The Fit EV becomes available for lease in key markets in Oregon and California on July 20, 2012 – after which availability will expand to six East Coast markets in early 2013. The 2013 Fit EV‘s three-year lease price of $389 a month computes to a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $36,625.

Based on the popular five-door, five-passenger Fit and Fit Sport, the new Fit EV joins the Civic Hybrid, Civic Natural Gas, the hybrid Insight and CR-Z, and the fuel-cell electric FCX Clarity in Honda’s growing lineup of alternative high-efficiency vehicles. Honda expects to lease approximately 1,100 Fit EVs over the next three years.

The 100-percent electric Fit EV features highly useful and user-friendly technologies like a 20-kilowatt-hour (kWh) lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery and a compact 92-kilowatt (kW) AC synchronous electric motor similar to the unit that powers the Honda FCX Clarity. The 2013 Honda Fit EV boasts a world-leading energy efficiency of 29kWh per 100 miles, and a gasoline miles per gallon equivalent of 118 MPGe (EPA combined city/highway, adjusted). The result is an unadjusted  range of 132 city miles per charge, with a 82-mile EPA adjusted range in combined city/highway driving.1 Three selectable modes let the driver choose between NORMAL, ECON and SPORT driving characteristics, altering the driving experience to maximize efficiency or enjoy the thrilling side of electric drive.

The Fit EV is fully equipped with standard features such as automatic climate control, heated seats, power windows and door locks and Honda Satellite Linked Navigation System. When connected to a 120-volt AC power supply with the included portable charging cable, the Fit EV can be fully charged in less than 15 hours 2. With a 240-volt AC Level 2 supply connected to the Fit EV’s standard onboard 6.6 kW charger, the charging time is less than three hours2.

Charging can be started or stopped with an included Fit EV interactive remote control. Through the remote, or via a Fit EV smartphone and computer applications, the driver can also remotely view the vehicle’s state of charge, initiate charging or activate the air conditioning or heater to pre-condition the vehicle while connected to the grid to maximize battery range on start-up.

Customers interested in leasing or learning more about the Fit EV are encouraged to sign up at

Fit EV Summary

  • 20kWh Li-Ion battery
  • Maintenance-free 92-kW AC synchronous electric motor
  • Estimated range of 132 city miles per charge (unadjusted)
  • Estimated 82-mile adjusted range of combined city/highway driving
  • World-leading 29kWh/100m (118MPGe) efficiency (Combined City/Hwy, adjusted1)
  • 3-Mode Drive System
  • Electric servo brake system
  • 6.6 kW on-board  charger (120/240-volt charge capability)
  • Standard Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System
  • Interactive Remote Control
  • HondaLink EV™ telematics (with available free smartphone app)
  • 15-inch alloy wheels
  • Lightweight aluminum front subframe
  • Unique aerodynamic body details
  • Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure
  • Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®)
  • Passenger volume: 89.3 cu-ft.
  • Cargo volume, rear seat up / down: 12.0 / 49.4 cu-ft.
  • Body Length x Width x Height: 162.0 x 67.7 x 62.2 in.
  • Curb Weight: 3,252 lbs.
  • Wheelbase: 98.4 in.

Fit EV Firsts

  • First use of new Bio-Fabric seat material
  • First Fit model to use new HondaLink EV™ telematics
  • First Fit model to feature multi-link rear suspension
  • First Fit model to use lightweight aluminum front subframe
  • First Honda model fitted with a “B” shift position

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