High-Tech Tour de Force: VW’s New Chattanooga Plant

As if Volkswagen hasnt given you enough to get excited about over the past 62 years, now theyre making a $1 billion investment right in our backyard in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The 1,400-acre super plantwhich was awarded the highest engineering certification (ISO 9001:2008) even before the first 2012 Passat rolled off the lineis the first of its kind in the United States and is set to produce 150,000 Passat vehicles each year. Known for their innovation, the plant follows the Volkswagen standard of German engineering that sets them apart from the average brand.

Ever a model of efficiency, Volkswagen is actually employing new drainage channels that recycle rainwater for the plant cooling system and restrooms, and all of their groundwater, waste management, and sewage systems comply with Leadership in Energy Environmental Design (LEED) standards. By ensuring that their production process and equipment are efficient, theyre projecting an annual savings of three million kilowatt hours. Thats a LOT of power. In fact, its the equivalent of powering almost forty-seven 70,000-seat stadiums for an entire football game. In addition, while building the plant, Volkswagen relocated and restored creeks to help with run off and replanted trees that were cut down during construction.

The Chattanooga plant has immediately created 900 jobs, and when it goes into full production later this month; Volkswagen will have created 2,000 permanent jobs while also employing 9,500 community workers and suppliers. This will result in an expected $12 billion growth to the economy. The plant is a great example of what a forward thinking company can do with modern design and advanced technology better engineering at the factory level leads to better engineering and assembly of the cars produced there.

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