„Hey Mona Lisa…“

Paris. With an puzzling grin that has mesmerised
audiences for some-more than 500 years, Leonardo Da Vinci’s world-renowned
Mona Lisa is positively one of a many famous paintings of all time.
Anyone who looks into her eyes can't assistance though wonder: Who is she, and
what is she thinking? The BMW Group has now suggested her secrets in an
eye-catching debate to foster a new BMW Intelligent Personal
Assistant on a block in front of Centre Georges-Pompidou in Paris.
Passers-by could ask a idol questions – and learn startling facts
about a puzzling lady. For a BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant,
BMW pennyless a Mona Lisa’s silence.

10-metre-high Mona Lisa talks to passers-by

Anyone who wished to have a review with Mona Lisa could do so
from 1-3 Oct on a block in front of a Centre Georges-Pompidou
in a heart of Paris. The debate was partial of a BMW Group
programme for a Paris Motor Show, a “Mondial de l’Automobile
2018”. While visitors to a Louvre are mostly astounded by how small
a Mona Lisa is in genuine life, a articulate chronicle has tender with
a distance alone. 10 metres high and 7.5 metres wide, visitors could
check out a huge LED designation for 3 days in Paris. The
sum structure, that was denounced on Monday after 4 days of
construction, weighs in during 36 tonnes. 

Using face-tracking, Mona Lisa was also means to pierce her face and
hands on a 75-square-metre LED shade and answer questions visitors
pronounce into a microphone. The grande lady spoke smooth French, English
and German. It incited out Mona Lisa is a automobile fan and especially
looking brazen to a new BMW 3 Series Sedan, that already comes
with integrated BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and distinguished its
universe premiere during a “Mondial de l’Automobile 2018”.


“The BMW Mona Lisa designation brings a world-culture idol into the
21st century and creates a height with tellurian strech for a BMW
Intelligent Personal Assistant. The outcome is a transparent pitch of how
innovative connectivity comforts and voice assistants can change our
universe and communication between humans and machines,” explains Stefan
Ponikva, conduct of BMW Events and BMW Group Automotive Shows. “The BMW
Group has set a gait for connectivity and discerning operation for
decades. With a BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, BMW is
redefining a pushing knowledge and communication with a vehicle.”

The live designation was accompanied by a amicable media campaign.
Those incompetent to make a outing to Paris to knowledge a installation
could also revisit BMW’s general Facebook page (www.facebook.com/bmw). To
coincide with a start of communications for a new BMW 3 Series
Sedan, questions about a car and a BMW Intelligent Personal
Assistant have also been answered there by a articulate Mona Lisa.


New BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant on house from Mar 2019

The BMW Group debate focused courtesy on a new BMW Intelligent
Personal Assistant, that will be roving along as a digital passenger
in comparison BMW models from Mar 2019. It helps a motorist operate
a vehicle, by determining car functions as and when they are
needed. For example, BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant will respond
to “Hey BMW, I’m cold” by branch adult a heating. It can also explain
many functions (“How does a High-Beam Assistant work?”), assistance find a
parking mark and safeguard a motorist feels gentle – for example, by
activating a vitalisation programme with light, heat and music
effects to forestall fatigue. A special underline is that a digital
partner can also be given a name.

There are already some-more than 11 million connected BMW Group vehicles
on a roads worldwide, as good as 3 million purebred BMW
Connected users. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is staid to
continue this success story.



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Matt / Sports

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