Here it is (the GLI photo gallery). Rock it like a hurricane.

Yesterday the Jetta GLI rolled onto the stage at the Chicago Auto Show, but its first photos were shot months ago. So while you wait for updates from the big show, see all the Jetta GLI images here.

But before you dismiss these rock band-heavy shots as our attempt to look overly cool, (you know: picture of car next to super model, car next to waterfall, next to large hadron collider), you may want to keep this in mind:

The GLI will be the first model to feature a VW-exclusive Fender audio system. Its a product of three years in a state-of-the-art sound lab, and, other than traveling with your own private band, its is as close as you get to a live performance. This particular GLI, however, seems to have both.

What you cant see is what lies beneath the hood. The GLI is equipped with VWs turbocharged, 2.0-Liter engine, and a host of autobahn-ready performance features. With track-tuned four-way Independent Performance Suspension, six-speed manual or optional DSG transmission, and XDS cross differential system, this GLI has more performance than the extended version of Freebird.

What can we say? It takes rocking seriously. More pics in the Jetta gallery, here.

This Jettas performance-inspired body kit and signature GLI badging are backed by optional DSG transmission, which coincidentally is also this bands name.

This Jettas GTI-inspired honeycomb grill hides an award winning 2.0L, 200-hp, turbocharged engine that delivers a full 207 lb.-ft. of torque at just 1,700 rpm. Its the VW version of speed metal.

Not all of the GLIs safety features are as flashy as its red brake calipers. Electronic stability control, disc brakes standard, and Intelligent Crash Response System are only noticeable when it counts.

The GLIs exclusive Fender sound system features, lower inter-modulation distortion, smooth mid-range response to eliminate harshness, and is harmonically complex, with extended range tweeters and properly voiced 16cm speakers. Aka: It rocks.

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