Harnessing breeze and hydroelectric energy from a Arctic Circle: BMW Group skeleton to source steel constructed with immature energy and hydrogen from northern Sweden

Munich. The BMW Group continues to pull brazen with
meridian insurance and is evenly posterior a idea of
significantly shortening CO2 emissions during their source in the
supply chain. From 2025 on, a association skeleton to source steel produced
with adult to 95% rebate CO2 emissions and though requiring
hoary resources such as coal. The BMW Group has now reached an
agreement to this outcome with a Swedish startup H2 Green Steel,
that uses hydrogen and usually immature appetite from renewable energies for
steel production. Owing to a quite energy-intensive
prolongation process, steel prolongation is deliberate one of a main
sources of tellurian CO2 emissions.

“Our idea is to revoke CO2 emissions in a steel supply
sequence by about dual million tonnes by 2030. Sourcing steel produced
regulating hydrogen and immature appetite can make a critical grant to this,”
says Dr Andreas Wendt, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG
obliged for Purchasing and Supplier Network. “Steel is essential
for producing cars and will be no rebate critical for destiny vehicle
generations. Innovative technologies that capacitate probably carbon-free
prolongation of steel have a poignant impact on a ability to reduce
CO2 emissions in a steel supply chain.”


Closed-loop element cycle
In further to the
smoothness of steel constructed regulating immature power, a BMW Group and H2
Green Steel have also concluded to emanate a closed-loop element cycle.
H2 Green Steel will take behind piece steel remnants, such as those
constructed during press plants when doors are punched out, and will process
them in such a approach that they can be shipped behind to a plants as new
steel rolls, also famous as steel coils. In this way, tender materials can
be used mixed times in a round economy and healthy resources
protected. Since it requires rebate appetite to produce, delegate steel
lowers CO2 emissions by an normal of 50-80%, compared to
primary material.

The BMW Group is already regulating between 20% and 100% delegate steel
in a vehicles and will continue to boost this commission in the
future. BMW Group press plants in Europe routine some-more than half a
million tonnes of steel per year.


Ideal plcae in northern Sweden

H2 Green Steel is building a steel prolongation site in a province
of Norrbotten in northern Sweden, tighten to a Arctic Circle. The
segment is best famous for a reindeer and fantastic northern lights,
though also provides entrance to high-quality iron ore, abundant energy
from renewable sources such as hydroelectric and breeze power, a major
seaport and generations of steel prolongation know-how.

Unlike required processes that rest on coke for creation steel, the
association employs hydrogen constructed regulating immature appetite to mislay the
oxygen from a iron oxide. This supposed approach rebate of iron
ore produces roughly no CO2 during all, usually H2O – thereby
avoiding 95% of a CO2 emissions routinely produced. The
specifically built hydrogen appetite plant, that uses H2O and immature power
from opposite a region, will be directly integrated into a steel
prolongation plant. The association also uses internal immature appetite for the
residue of a prolongation process.


BMW Group to source Northvolt battery cells from a same
segment from 2024 on

Swedish association Northvolt, that develops and produces battery cells
for electric cars, is also exploiting a intensity for immature appetite in
a north of Sweden.

Last year, a BMW Group sealed a long-term battery-cell supply
agreement with Northvolt. The battery cells will be constructed in Europe
during a Northvolt gigafactory now underneath construction in
Skellefteå in northern Sweden from 2024. The association will use only
immature electricity from internal breeze and hydroelectric appetite to produce
a battery cells.


Neue Klasse staid to set new standards

From 2025 onwards, a BMW Group will be realigning a product range
– that has grown successfully over decades –on a basement of a Neue
Klasse. The Neue Klasse will be characterised by 3 pivotal aspects: a
totally redefined IT and program architecture, a new era of
high-performance electric expostulate trains and batteries and a radically
new turn of sustainability across a whole car lifecycle. These
strands are interwoven within an altogether car design that has
been uncompromisingly optimised for electric expostulate trains, environment a
new benchmark in terms of digitisation and electrification, while at
a same time ensuring that a evil aptitude of a typical
BMW is eliminated to destiny car generations.


Active joining to environmental and amicable standards in the
steel supply sequence

As partial of a impasse with a not-for-profit organisation
ResponsibleSteel, a BMW Group actively participated in establishing
environmental and amicable standards via a whole steel value
chain, starting during a mine. This sustainability customary for
prolongation sites in a steel attention was published in 2019 as part
of a multi-stakeholder routine and now forms a basement for
certification. ResponsibleSteel is a steel industry’s initial global
multi-stakeholder customary and acceptance initiative.