TORONTO, ONTARIO – May 3, 2021 –TOYOTA GAZOO Racing began a Hypercar epoch in a FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) with a landmark feat in a Total 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps following an sparkling start to a 2021 deteriorate in Belgium.

Sébastien Buemi, Kazuki Nakajima and Brendon Hartley warranted a place in a record books by winning in a #8 GR010 HYBRID after a thespian and moving conflict during a front, overcoming a tighten plea from a #36 Alpine in second and their possess team-mates in a #7 car.

In an incident-packed race, a Hypercars fought relentless from a off. World Champions Mike Conway, Kamui Kobayashi and José María López started from stick position in their #7 GR010 HYBRID and had challenged for feat though finished third following several setbacks.

Today’s outcome outlines TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s fifth uninterrupted win in Belgium as it starts a plea for a hat-trick of World Championships.

When a immature flags waved to start WEC’s new era, Mike led a 31-car field, with Sébastien closely behind over a opening laps. The #8 took a lead on path 11 and a span of GR010 HYBRIDs were hotly followed by a #36 Alpine.

As a initial array stops approached, a foe took a initial thespian turn. Mike brought a #7 into a pits and mislaid time when a automobile did not leave cleanly, before Sébastien visited a pits a path later.

At a finish of that stop, a fuel projection was private from a #8 before a 35secs smallest refuelling time had elapsed, violation a new law and ensuing in a 30-second penalty, taken during a car’s subsequent array stop, when Brendon took a wheel.

With a #7 requiring a liquid refill when Mike handed over to José, a #36 Alpine took over during a front. At half distance, José was shutting in and usually a few seconds behind, with Brendon serve behind in a third-placed #8.

The sparkling Hypercar conflict showed no pointer of easing off, and conjunction did a drama. Jose finished hit with a GT car, somewhat deleterious a front bodywork. Then with usually underneath dual hours remaining, a #7 slid off lane and became stranded in a gravel, requiring a rescue automobile to redeem it before he resumed in third.

That left Kazuki in a #8 sport down a #36 Alpine for a lead, while Kamui suffered a serve reversal when a #7 was given a drive-through chastisement for a progressing hit with a GT car.

Following a final Hypercar fuel stops, Sébastien in a heading #8 had a medium pillow of around a notation over a Alpine and he brought a automobile safely to a checkered dwindle to win by 1min 7.196secs from a #36, with Kamui bringing a #7 home one path behind.

Battle will resume for Hypercar honours in Portugal subsequent month, when a initial 8 Hours of Portimao takes place on 13 June.

Akio Toyoda, Team Founder:

“This year a FIA World Endurance Championship has introduced a Hypercar class, that is strongly associated to high-end highway going sports cars. To contest in that class, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing introduced a mint foe car, a GR010 HYBRID.

In a subordinate session, holding place over usually one lap, Kamui Kobayashi in automobile #7 demonstrated a speed of this automobile with an startling path of 2:00.747. After starting from stick position, Mike, Kamui and José behind a circle of automobile #7 finally finished 3rd on a lectern following several setbacks, while Sébastien, Kazuki and Brendon, pushing automobile #8, showed a strength of a GR010 HYBRID by winning a foe after an sparkling 6 hours.

During a unequivocally initial race, nobody knew what would happen. we unequivocally would like to contend appreciate we to all 6 drivers and a group members for lifting a expectations about a large intensity speed and strength of this car.

On a other hand, we contingency keep acid for some-more trustworthiness and security, as good as some-more speed and strength; we contingency invariably urge these factors in a destiny since a deteriorate continues and a Le Mans 24 Hours is coming.

I would like all group members to continue this approach of creation cars that can keep using on any roads. And we would like to broach a record that has been grown and honed on this automobile to a customers.

To all a fans, appreciate we for your support and support during a initial turn of WEC 2021. we wish we will be examination a tour of creation ever-better cars with TOYOTA GAZOO Racing. Thank we unequivocally much.”

Hisatake Murata, Team President:

“What a thespian and indeterminate start to this new epoch for a team. We all wish that Hypercar will turn an intensely rival category and this foe lived adult to a expectations of fans around a world. Thanks to WEC and a foe organisers for giving us an event to foe safely notwithstanding a tellurian situation. We faced several problems though interjection to a large bid from a mechanics, engineers and drivers we began this new section in continuation racing in a centre of a podium. Despite a hurdles this week, a group never gave adult and Kamui unequivocally showed this suggestion when he overtook a foe personality usually a few laps after being stranded in a gravel. Today was a clever start for a subsequent epoch of Racing Hybrid record though we are still training and improving with a GR010 HYBRID. It has not been a smoothest week for a group during Spa, though this has highlighted areas to urge so we will work tough to do this before a subsequent race, and quite before Le Mans.”

Mike Conway (GR010 HYBRID #7):

“It is tough to take that outcome currently since we were looking flattering plain median by a race. Unfortunately, a integrate of things happened and it took us out of contention. We competence have been fine with usually a drive-through though when we mislaid a path due to Kamui’s incident, we knew that a lectern was a best we could achieve. It’s unsatisfactory since we wanted to start a counterclaim of a World Championship with a win and we had been doing well. Congratulations to automobile #8 for a clever opening and good finished to a group for winning on a GR010 HYBRID’s debut.”

Kamui Kobayashi (GR010 HYBRID #7):

“That was a formidable foe for a car, notwithstanding a earnest start. During my incident, we sealed a tyres though managed to equivocate attack anything. Unfortunately, we couldn’t retreat since we got stranded in a gravel, so we had to wait for a rescue automobile to get me behind on track. It was a empathize since we had a gait and were in a good position to win. We had a few issues currently and it’s transparent we are still training how to get a limit out of a GR010 HYBRID. It looks like we have a performance, though we need to get improved in some areas.”

José María López (GR010 HYBRID #7):

“First of all, we am unequivocally happy for a team. After ups and downs this week, even in a race, it was critical that we started a deteriorate with dual cars on a lectern and a win for TOYOTA GAZOO Racing. Well finished to automobile #8 who did a good job. On a side of a garage we felt we had a gait to win and we managed to lift out a small advantage. We had a integrate of problems that altered a foe and we bewail a hit we had with a GT car. That was a wily situation. So, there is a lot to learn from today. We take a certain from this race, that is that we had a speed to win, and we will keep fighting.”

Sébastien Buemi (GR010 HYBRID #8):

“It feels good to win a initial foe of a Hypercar era. Obviously, there was a lot of vigour on a shoulders. Car #7 had stick position and it is extraordinary that we managed to get a win with automobile we am unequivocally happy that we managed that. It was a large plea and a group has worked unequivocally tough in a final few weeks with lots of testing. It was a well-earned feat from everyone. But we also know that we need to urge on a lot of opposite aspects, and this is usually a start. Now is time to applaud a small bit before we fast go behind to operative tough since there is lots to do.”

Kazuki Nakajima (GR010 HYBRID #8):

“I am unequivocally unapproachable to win a initial foe of Hypercar for TOYOTA GAZOO Racing. we consider as a group we did a unequivocally good pursuit in a race. Congratulations to all of a automobile crew, and all of a team. The foe was wily for us, we had some ups and downs, though as a pushing organisation we did what we indispensable to do. It was so easy to make a mistake since a trade was formidable to conduct and we had clever foe from Alpine and even some of a LMP2s. We couldn’t means to make any mistakes, so we am happy to have finished a pursuit well. It’s a good achievement.”

Brendon Hartley (GR010 HYBRID #8):

“It’s a good feeling to start this new Hypercar epoch with a victory. It didn’t come though some hurdles though in a end, we delivered a right result. As a motorist organisation we didn’t make any mistakes and we were training on each singular lap. We continue to urge a bargain of a GR010 HYBRID, how we understanding with double stints with this automobile and a trade management, that is unequivocally opposite than with a prior car. All we can contend is that we are unequivocally happy with a initial victory. It was a correct race, it was a challenge, though it was a lot of fun.”

Total 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps results:


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