Are you one of the 54 million people worldwide who’s watched Ken Block’s San Francisco Gymkhana video?  If not, we HIGHLY recommend it because it’s ridiculously awesome; but more than that, it’ll give you a unique look at the city of San Francisco. Seeing Block rock San Fran made us envious and wish he would bring his act to Canada.

Of course, that sparked a debate over where in Canada. After a lot of back and forth, a few choice words and one chair-throwing incident, we settled on a list of the Top 5 best places for Ken to race in Canada:

(Bonus: Gymkhana 6, Ken’s most recent video, was just released. Have a look in the video above).

Montreal5. Montreal 

We got to talking about building a ramp to jump from St. Helen’s Island to Île Notre Dame and haven’t been able to stop. Then we started imagining the narrow streets of Old Montreal and the kind of two-wheel action he’d have to pull to squeeze through. And, of course, there’s the mountain. We’re still debating whether he should go up and over or start at the top and kick off the course with crazy G.



4. Cape Breton Island, N.S. Cape Breton Island

Heading to the Maritimes, we’d take him to the eastern cliffs and naturally send him counter-clockwise so he’s in the outside lane the whole time. Maybe we could add a moose or two to the list of obstacles? There’s actually a fairly flat stretch on the west side of the island where that’d be perfect! The best would be finishing it off with a dramatic crossing of the Canso Causeway back on to the mainland.


The Tibbit to Contwoyto Winter Road. NWT3. The Tibbit to Contwoyto Winter Road. NWT

Sure, it’s a bit remote, and it could get a tad unpleasant if the winds don’t behave, but seeing Ken do his thing against the backdrop of the Northern Lights is way too cool to pass up.  The kind of northern exposure Ken would bring to the NWT would make for a uniquely Canadian Gymkhana; and if anyone can burn rubber on a frozen lake without ending up as fish bait, it’d be Ken.


2. Niagara Falls, Ont. Niagara Falls

Watching Ken soar up and over the hills of San Francisco had us dreaming up a flight down Lundy’s Lane with the kitschy figurines from the many wax museums lining the street.  The city itself has a lot of narrow, windy roads he could use for tricks, and could there be a more ridiculous finale than jumping the horseshoe? No way.



Revelstoke, B.C.1. Revelstoke, B.C. 

Gymkhana at high altitude? How would that affect the car? The driver? What would it look like to carve a mountain in a Fiesta? And what would it be like to watch it climb? No, Revelstoke isn’t the only place to answer these questions, but we chose it because we think it’d be the most fun – especially the after party.



Where in Canada would you want to see Ken bring his Fiesta ST? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll see what we can do.