“Good morning Dave!” Name your VW buddy

Drew with VW

Admit it, you’ve all imagined your car as Hal in “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Particularly as vehicles started including features that speak, owners began naming their cars. And if you’re like me, the person in there tends to get a little frustrated with you when you miss a left turn or know a shortcut.

I have just gotten word that Volkswagen is hard at work on their next generation in-car systems. While the details are currently vaulted far from futurists like me – they did tell me to expect enhanced, internet-enabled features – so I’ve convinced the product planning folks to listen to the enthusiasts as they brainstorm an official name. So let’s see what you’ve got via the comments below…

Help us name your VW Buddy that you can rely on to be your wingman in your future adventures.

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