Giulia GTA: The Return of an Alfa Romeo Legend

March 2, 2020

, Auburn Hills, Mich.

On Jun 24, Alfa Romeo will strech an critical miracle in a conspicuous history: 110 years in business. During that century-plus span, Alfa Romeo engineers and designers have relentlessly followed innovation, while always remaining loyal to a brand’s DNA. Over a years, this DNA – a ideal multiple of sportiness and magnificence – has sum not usually some of a many iconic vehicles ever built, though also vehicles that are right during home both on a racetrack and in any beauty contest. To symbol a 110th birthday, Alfa Romeo presents a automobile that wholly signifies a lapse to a brand’s origins, while profitable reverence to one of a many emblematic vehicles of Alfa Romeo: Giulia GTA.
A set of initials with a mythological feel: GTA
The acronym GTA stands for “Gran Turismo Alleggerita” (alleggerita being a Italian tenure for “lightened”), and it originated in 1965 with a Giulia Sprint GTA, a specific chronicle subsequent from a Sprint GT, designed as a sports automobile and presented during a Amsterdam Motor Show staged that same year. The physique of a Giulia Sprint GT was transposed with an matching chronicle in aluminum, for a sum weight of 1,642 lb compared to a 2,094 lb of a highway version. A second movement endangered a 1.6 twin cam engine which, in a highway configuration, with twin ignition, reached an considerable outlay of 115 hp. The technicians of Autodelta, a executive Alfa Romeo racing team, chose it as a anxiety automobile for a Touring category, and grown it to grasp a limit outlay of 170 hp. The model’s success in competitions was afterwards immediate: 3 uninterrupted “Challenge Europeo Marche”, tens of inhabitant championships and hundreds of particular races in any partial of a world. And a proceed it ramped adult a picture of a whole operation was also impressive: Giulia Sprint GTA voiced a explain “A feat a day in your bland car” to perfection. From afterwards on, a GTA finished a name for itself as a undisputed idol of Alfa Romeo sportiness and a acronym GTA became so successful that a open shortly compared it with all a sporty Alfa Romeo vehicles in general.
The fable is renewed with glorious technical solutions
On a year of a 110th anniversary, Alfa Romeo intends to mangle a few rules: it doesn’t intend to speak about history, generally a own, nor does it wish any gifts for a birthday. Instead, it prefers to give a present to Alfa enthusiasts by presenting a Giulia GTA. Today, this is a genuine lapse to a roots of Alfa Romeo, planted low in a universe of opening and grand touring.
Specific technical facilities and organic style
For a new Giulia GTA, Alfa Romeo engineers have striven to urge aerodynamics and doing though above all to revoke weight: a same discipline followed for a 1965 Giulia GTA. The active aerodynamics were privately complicated to boost a downforce. These solutions enclose technical expertise that comes directly from Formula 1, interjection to a synergy with Sauber Engineering and a use of a Sauber Aerokit. The same charge is indifferent to a side skirts, a specific back spoiler and a active front splitter. The titanium Akrapovi? executive empty complement integrated in a CO fiber back diffuser is also new, as are a 20-inch core tighten wheels, appearing for a initial time on a sedan. The doing during high speeds has been softened by widening a front and back circle marks by 50mm and building a new set of springs, startle absorbers and bushings for a cessation systems. On GTAm, a aerodynamic front square has been optimized to an impassioned level, by adding a incomparable front splitter and a genuine CO back wing, that safeguard a ideally offset bucket during high speeds. In terms of performance, a absolute 2.9 V6 Bi-Turbo, finished wholly of aluminum and able of unleashing no rebate than 510 hp in a customary configuration, reaches a energy outlay of 540 hp on Giulia GTA, interjection to prudent calibration work achieved by Alfa Romeo engineers. The same group has also succeeded in optimizing a doing of a new Akrapovi? specific empty system, with a observable sound.

Moving inside a car, several new sum mount out: a trim in 100% Alcantara® on a dashboard, doorway panels, glove compartment, side pillars and a executive trim on a seats. Alcantara® is used even some-more extensively on a GTAm version, where a back dais has been removed, withdrawal room for a wholly upholstered “basin”, hosting specific moldings designed to reason helmets and glow extinguisher. The new matte CO inserts award a interior with a particular technical and cultured elegance. In a new GTAm, a interior is singular in that it facilities a hurl bar, no doorway panels or back seats and a doorway is non-stop with a belt in place of a handle, another hold that comes from a racing world.
An glorious weight/power ratio
But energy on a possess is not adequate to safeguard unusual performance. The work finished to revoke automobile weight has been prudent and it has reaped quite considerable results, with a sum weight rebate of 220 lb, interjection to a adoption of lightweight materials such as CO fiber for a expostulate shaft, hood, roof, front bumper, front circle arches, back circle arch inserts and, on a GTAm, a bombard of a specific sporting seats with 6-point Sabelt reserve belts. Further, lightweight aluminum is used in a engine, doors and cessation systems, and several other combination materials are used throughout. For instance, Lexan – a singular polycarbonate creosote that comes loyal from a universe of motorsports – has been used in a side and back window frames, serve contributing to a weight reduction. The outcome is a weight set around 3,350 lb which, sum with a boost in energy to 540 hp, brings a weight/power ratio to an glorious level, 6.2 lb/hp, creation Giulia GTA and GTAm able of delivering unusual performance. Its acceleration from 0 to 62 mph is lightning quick – interjection to a Launch Control system, a chronometer stops during usually 3.6 seconds. The Giulia GTAm is a two-seater pattern authorized for on-road use, with front splitter and incomparable manifest back wing in carbon, a ultimate countenance of sportiness. In a GTA version, with a same power, Giulia offers 4 seats, no back roll-bar; spoiler and splitter optimized for daily use on a road; a same doorway panels, seats and windows as those of a Giulia Quadrifoglio. The outcome is a undoubted supercar for bland use.
A payoff for 500 propitious customers
Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and a impassioned version, Giulia GTAm, will be built in a singular book of usually 500 units in total, all numbered and approved and prepared to take adult their place alongside their 1965 foregoer as one of a many sought-after collector’s items. They are not usually pretentious to demeanour at, though they are also prepared to unleash considerable energy on a road, serviceable interjection to a array of worldly technical solutions. The same exclusivity found in Giulia GTA and Giulia GTAm will also impersonate a quite disdainful dedicated patron experience, designed to provide a 500 propitious owners to a singular communication that is 100 percent Alfa Romeo. After a allege bookings, that are now strictly open and will tighten as shortly as a 500th section has been reserved, a sales routine will be one-to-one, with a code envoy product dilettante following any patron from sequence to delivery. But a shopping knowledge doesn’t stop during a dedicated sales process. Indeed, a new owners will also accept a personalized knowledge package kit, that includes a Bell helmet in special GTA livery, a full racing set by Alpinestars (race suit, gloves and shoes) and a personalized Goodwool automobile cover for safeguarding his or her GTA or GTAm. In further to other apparatus for loyal enthusiasts, a Alfa Romeo patron knowledge also includes a specific pushing march devised by a Alfa Romeo Driving Academy.
Alfa Romeo
Since a substructure in Milan, Italy, in 1910, Alfa Romeo has designed and crafted some of a many stylish and disdainful cars in automotive history. That tradition lives on currently as Alfa Romeo continues to take a singular and innovative proceed to conceptualizing automobiles. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio sets a new benchmark in performance, character and record in an SUV. The award-winning Alfa Romeo Giulia delivers race-inspired performance, modernized technologies and an refreshing pushing knowledge to a reward midsize sedan segment. The Giulia Quadrifoglio and a Stelvio Quadrifoglio underline Alfa Romeo’s many absolute prolongation engine ever with best-in-class 0-60 mph times of 3.8 and 3.6 seconds, respectively. Rounding out Alfa Romeo’s world-class lineup is a domestic Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. Alfa Romeo is partial of a portfolio of brands offering by tellurian automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. For some-more information per FCA (NYSE: FCAU/ MTA: FCA), greatfully visit

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