The magic of movies, and TV commercials, boils down to the skill and imagination of the people behind the camera. And if you haven’t already seen it, the Ford F-150 Real Stories TV campaign is the cinematic intersection of storytelling and technology.

From a storytelling perspective, the F-150 has been leading the industry for 48 rich years. From professional tornado hunter Greg Johnson to search and rescue volunteer Ray Lau, the stories of the people behind the wheel are what give each F-150 its true identity. We wanted to tell these stories but we wanted to do it in a way that represents these people in their truest form.

“To be able to hear those stories and to be able to share them with other F-150 owners is an incredible opportunity.”
– Rick Payne, Account Director at Blue Hive Canada, Ford of Canada’s marketing agency.

For the opening and closing sequences, we used 2D projection and 3D mapping to project real environments and capture footage both behind Greg and Ray and onto the truck itself.

“We used technology that’s a bit in the pioneering stage of what it can be used for and how it can be used.”
– Director Hubert Davis

When it comes to the F-150, we have a rich history of true owners and incredible people who use the truck in their everyday lives. And it’s because of this fact that we wanted to show as much realism as possible when it came to the campaign. Stories from people like Greg Johnson and Ray Lau can’t be recreated. So instead of trying to create realism, we used real footage in the middle of the commercials to demonstrate the true toughness of the truck.

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