German Federal Parliament to expostulate fit Audi ultra models

Audi ultra stands for a extensive explain of a reward code to grasp unchanging sustainability in a products and in all association divisions. Audi models with a “ultra” badge achieve best values in fuel expenditure and emissions interjection to innovative technical solutions. Audi already offers 22 ultra models for a A3*, A4*, A5* and A6* indication series.

“The A6 ultra is a primary instance of a potency philosophy, mixing low expenditure with Audi sportiness and luxury-class comfort,” says Wayne Griffiths, Head of Sales Germany during AUDI AG. “Our ultra models are of good seductiveness to both swift and private customers. They offer tolerable mobility entirely suitable for bland use, to a advantage of both a sourroundings and handling costs.”

In a future, members of a German Federal Parliament can rest on a latest TDI record for their central trips: The Audi A6 ultra is powered by a two-liter TDI with 140 kW (190 hp) that has been newly grown in many aspects. Its high torque of 400 Nm (295.0 lb-ft) ensures sporty energy era even during low engine speeds, along with low fuel consumption. With a discretionary 7-speed S tronic, a totally new dual-clutch transmission, a normal fuel expenditure serve drops to 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers (53.5 US mpg). Moreover, a business sedan achieves a superb potency levels but restrictions on apparatus levels, interjection to a interplay between countless other technological components, such as a involuntary start-stop complement and a motorist information complement with a potency program.

Fuel expenditure of a models named above:

Audi A3 ultra:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 3.3 – 3.2;
Combined CO2-emissions in g/km: 88 – 85

Audi A4 ultra:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 4.4 – 4;
Combined CO2-emissions in g/km: 114 – 104

Audi A5 ultra:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 4.3 – 4.2;
Combined CO2-emissions in g/km: 111 – 109

Audi A6 ultra:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 4.6 – 4.4;
Combined CO2-emissions in g/km: 119 – 114

Audi A6 ultra:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 4.5 – 4.4
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 117 – 114