“Fusion: Motorsport meets SIM racing”: Documentary on a growth of a BMW M4 GT3 steering wheel.

Munich. BMW M Motorsport and sim racing hardware manufacturer
Fanatec combined a universe initial with a corner growth of the
steering circle for a BMW M4 GT3, that unites real-world and
practical racing in an rare way. The 30-minute documentary
“Fusion: Motorsport meets SIM racing” describes a pioneering work
in a growth of a steering wheel, that works ideally in
both racing cars and simulators, in fact – from a initial idea
noticed with scepticsim, by a initial meetings and various
construction phases, to testing. The documentary is accessible on BMW
Motorsport YouTube around a following link:

It can also be watched on motorsport.tv, several European,
Asian ans Australian TV channels and on a inflight entertainment
systems of around 130 opposite airlines – including Lufthansa,
Singapore Airlines and Etihad.


The film starts with a universe entrance of a BMW M4 GT3 steering wheel
during a BMW SIM Live eventuality during BMW Welt in Munich (GER) in December
2020. Getting to a indicate of BMW works motorist Philipp Eng (AUT)
behaving a live proof of a steering circle in movement in
both a racing automobile and a simulator was a outcome of many months of
complete growth – and a time of a vital continuation tests on
a racetrack is nonetheless to come.


All of a project’s protagonists are given their contend in the
documentary, including Head of BMW SIM Racing Rudolf Dittrich and
Fanatec CEO Thomas Jackermeier, as good as a engineers responsible
for a BMW M4 GT3 and a steering wheel, and BMW works drivers and
veteran sim racers. Everyone concerned creates a really good feel
for a obstacles that indispensable to be overcome and how good the
partnership between all a departments had to work to get the
preferred finish result.

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“With rare collaboration, a BMW M Motorsport and Fanatec
engineers grown a steering circle like nothing ever seen before in the
story of racing,” pronounced Dittrich. “They showed courage, pioneering
suggestion and creativity, and lifted a tie between real-world
motorsport and sim racing to a totally new turn in a process. I’d
like to appreciate everybody involved. I’m gay that this development
routine is being portrayed good in this documentary. The film
highlights how severely BMW SIM Racing takes a 360-degree approach,
and with how most effect hardware developments and technological
innovations are expedited.”


Thomas Jackermeier said: “For Fanatec, a partnership with BMW M
Motorsport is a confidant and critical step in a company’s development.
For a initial time, we designed a steering circle that can be used not
usually in a sim rig, though also in a real-life racing car. With all our
knowledge we felt prepared for this project, and a tests so distant prove
that we have finished a good job. Seeing a steering circle in movement for
a initial time in a BMW M4 GT3 corruption gave me crow bumps – and
examination a documentary did as well.”