From a personality in choice fuels:Green light for HVO-use in Scania Euro 6 range

Scania has given a immature light to hydrotreated unfeeling oil (HVO) being used to energy a Euro 6 range, supposing a fuel used meets technical selection TS15940. Vehicles regulating HVO – that chemically mimics fossil-fuel-based diesel – can underneath optimal condition grasp adult to a 90-percent rebate in CO2 emissions. HVO does not impact a vehicle’s characteristics or a upkeep requirements.

Örjan Åslund is Head of Product Affairs during Scania. “We have motionless to give a blessing to a use of HVO biodiesel in a diesel vehicles,” he says. “Scania is a heading manufacturer when it comes to charity energy trains for alternatives fuels, and we have substantial knowledge with a unsentimental side of pushing regulating HVO. It’s an choice fuel that has comparatively few disadvantages when compared to diesel, while also charity a vast rebate in CO2emissions.”

Earlier this year, Scania authorized HVO for use in all forms of Euro 5 vehicles and all forms of operations. In team-work with customers, a association also instituted a margin exam in Sweden involving some 100 trucks with Euro 6 engines.

“Thanks to a acceptance and a possess decision, all Scania hauliers with Euro 6 engines can use HVO, including in buses,” says Åslund. “I know that seductiveness is really high. The plea for many operators will be in removing entrance to HVO, as both prolongation and placement comforts are still limited.”

HVO is a biofuel that has been most discussed in new years, and a series of heading manufacturers have incorporated HVO into their ranges. The fuel is formed on possibly unfeeling oil or animal fats. Hydrogen gas is used to emanate hydrocarbon bondage that impersonate fossil-fuel-based diesel. This means that a fuel can also be distributed and used in a same approach as unchanging diesel, including with courtesy to a thermal- and storage properties.

The acceptance of HVO complements Scania’s already marketing-leading operation of Euro 6 engines and energy trains for choice fuels. Scania has for some time offering 5 Euro 6 engines for use with FAME biodiesel, as good as dual gas engines. Scania has additionally indicated that both bioethanol- and hybrid solutions will also be introduced shortly.

“Scania is stability to take a lead in products and services for tolerable transport,” Åslund says. “From Scania’s perspective, it’s transparent that a accumulation of solutions are indispensable in a form of opposite choice and renewable fuels. And to accommodate a tellurian meridian challenge, it’s required to try several opposite avenues, trimming from some-more fit vehicles to smarter ride and renewable fuels.”