Free2Move Arrives in Denver

October 21, 2021

, Denver

A new intelligent mobility use is nearing in Denver on Oct 27. The car-sharing service, from Free2Move, will make mint Jeep® Renegade vehicles accessible to a people of Denver.

Free2Move: a Mobility Hub
Free2Move is rising a Mobility Hub in Denver, lenient a village with a far-reaching operation of vehicle-access solutions joined in a single, easy-to-use app. With one click, business can select to lease a car by a notation directly in a transport or keep a same car for adult to 7 days, though usually compensate for a generation of a rental. The Free2Move Mobility Hub also offers a monthly car subscription service, Car On Demand, that includes insurance, upkeep and assistance with no dark fees. Free2Move services minister to tolerable mobility in vast cities like Denver, by offering solutions that element open movement needs.

“Denver was delicately selected to turn a Mobility Hub to support a city’s continued concentration on intelligent mobility, aiming to yield a some-more strong common transport program,” pronounced Brigitte Courtehoux, Free2Move CEO. “At Free2Move, we are unapproachable and vehement to launch this new city and are fervent to move them new mobility solutions in a nearby future.”

Carsharing: facilitate mobility
Over a subsequent few months, Free2Move will ramp adult to 160 Jeep vehicles in a “free floating” Mobility Hub that users can entrance from their smartphones. Rentals are charged possibly during a rate of $0.49 per notation or $89.99 per day. To applaud a Free2Move Denver launch, a promotional credit of $50 is offered with formula “DENVER” until Nov 30.

Free2Move vehicles will be accessible in Denver, that joins Washington, D.C., and Portland as Mobility Hubs.

Free2Move is a usually tellurian mobility code offering a finish and singular ecosystem for a private and veteran business around a world. Relying on information and technology, Free2Move puts a patron knowledge during a heart of a business to reinvent mobility. Free2Move offers a operation of services to prove a mixed transport needs of a business from one notation to several days or months with car-sharing service, short-, medium- or long-term rentals, as good as a reservation of VTC drivers, parking spaces and charging stations around a app.

Free2Move Mobility worldwide: 2 million customers, 450,000 let vehicles, 500,000 parking spaces and 250,000 charging points (in Europe).