Free, pure and current for 36 months: The new BMW and MINI Tyre Insurance. 100-per-cent reinstate for repairs in initial year.

Munich. With a squeeze of Original BMW and MINI
Tyres or finish circle sets with star marking, customers
automatically accept a new BMW and MINI Tyre Insurance for 36
months free-of-charge. The word provides 100-per-cent
payment of tyre costs for repairs in a initial 12 months. With
this approach, a BMW Group is environment a new customary in a marketplace.

The patron automatically receives tyre word with a purchase
of a new set of tyres or finish circle sets from BMW or MINI. The
squeeze date outlines a start of insurance. For a duration of 36 months,
business are insured opposite all forms of tyre repairs caused by sharp
objects, such as nails or damaged glass, repairs ensuing from hitting
a kerb during parking, desolation and theft.

BMW and MINI Tyre Insurance therefore does not need a complicated
catalog of criteria to establish eligibility: Insurance coverage is
dynamic usually by a squeeze date, creation a routine transparent
and easy for a patron to understand: For a initial year after
purchase, 100 per cent of tyre costs from repairs are reimbursed. In
a second year, a BMW Group covers 75 per cent of costs and in the
third year, half. The BMW Group thereby guarantees untroubled “Sheer
pushing pleasure” and protected travels during no additional cost.

“Our tyre word offers business a full-service package during no
cost. One reason some-more for a business to buy Original BMW and MINI
Tyres or finish circle sets,” explains Christian Mück, Vice President
Marketing Management Products Services during a BMW Group. “In
this way, a BMW Group is demonstrating once again that customer
compensation and reward use are a tip priority.”

The BMW Group works in tighten partnership with several international
tyre manufacturers during growth of a new BMW or MINI model.
Tyres are tested for around 50 opposite factors, including wear,
braking distance, high-speed opening and comfort in extensive
simulations and despotic margin tests. The outcome is Original BMW and
MINI Tyres with star imprinting tailored to a specific indication and drive
complement – for example, BMW xDrive or MINI ALL4 – guaranteeing excellent
handling, fortitude and control in all weathers and any traffic
situation. BMW and MINI tyres also offer low rolling insurgency to
revoke fuel consumption. Equipped with run-flat technology, BMW and
MINI tyres can be driven for a serve 80 kilometres during a speed of 80
km/h in a eventuality of an emergency. Original finish circle sets with
run-flat winter tyres yield a poignant reserve advantage,
quite in winter, permitting business to expostulate to a subsequent BMW
use garage but interlude if a problem occurs.

The new BMW and MINI Tyre Insurance is accessible in Germany, Sweden,
Norway, Finland and Denmark, as good as Spain, Italy and Portugal. BMW
and MINI retailers in Austria, Poland, a Czech Republic and Romania
also started charity a customer-friendly tyre word in March
2017. It covers a whole of Europe and is therefore also current for
pushing abroad.


Insurer is Allianz Versicherungs-AG Germany in following
countries: Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Italy,
Portugal, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and Romania. For further
information about tire word in your nation greatfully hit your
BMW/MINI use partner.


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The BMW Group

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In 2016, a BMW Group sole approximately 2.367 million cars and
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The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
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