Formula E: latest news and diverse from Marrakesh

Audi already operates a initial of a plants regulating tolerable appetite in Brussels (Belgium), Györ (Hungary) and San José Chiapa (Mexico). Solar appetite has a really vast share in this. Lucas di Grassi used a competition in Marrakesh to visit the world’s largest strong solar appetite plant. The Noor Solar Power Complex in Ouarzazate is located about 200 kilometers from Marrakesh, behind a Atlas Mountains. The object shines here – with few exceptions – 365 days a year. The site is therefore ideally matched to a 7,400-acre trickery with a solar panels that cover an area of 3,500 soccer fields. “To see this impossibly vast area was intensely impressive,” says Lucas di Grassi, who had all a sum explained to him by a operators of a trend-setting plant. “The solar appetite plant generates twice as most appetite any day than what is indispensable in Marrakesh.” During a tour, he also detected a common underline with his Audi e-tron FE06: a high-precision temperament record for solar mirrors is also entrance from Audi record partner Schaeffler. 

At his birthplace, São Paulo (Brazil), Lucas di Grassi has launched the Zero Summit – Latin America’s initial association on technologies and ideas that safeguard CO2 neutrality. The eventuality will take place from Oct 6 to 8. “Audi will use a Zero Summit, among other things, to deliver a Audi e-tron Sportback in Brazil,” says di Grassi.

Between a dual Formula E races in Mexico City and in Marrakesh, Lucas di Grassi done a road to a German collateral for the Berlinale. The Audi Formula E motorist and meridian envoy for a United Nations discussed ideas, technologies and visions for a some-more tolerable destiny in several areas with publisher Birgit Heidsiek and film writer Antra Cilinska during a row discussion, that was hold underneath a sign of: “The uncover contingency go green.”